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Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Calculator Online 2022-23

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Tip For You

Increasing Investment percentage annually helps to achieve targets faster. 10% is suggested.


Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefitscheme designed for individuals employed with organisations andgoverned by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Underthis scheme, the employer and employee make equal contributionsthroughout the employment tenure. An employee can withdraw thecollected corpus at the time of retirement. To estimate the totalcorpus accumulated at retirement, one can make use of a PFcalculator. Fisdom’s online EPF calculator is easy and free to usefor all users.

What is EPF?

EPF is short for Employees Provident Fund. EPF scheme isdesigned to provide financial support to all salariedindividuals after their retirement. It is a corpus towards whichboth the employer and the employee contribute every month.

EPF is the primary scheme that is part of theEmployees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.As per this act, every organization with more than 20 employeesmust mandatorily register for it. The EPF scheme is backed bythe Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO).

Under an EPF scheme, an employee contributes acertain portion of his/her salary towards the PF account. Theemployer has to pay an equal amount towards the PF account. Thenet amount so contributed every month further provides monetarybenefit to the employee post his/her retirement.

EPF acts as a retirement benefit plan with theobjective of ensuring a financially independent retirement foremployed individuals.

What is Fisdom’s EPF calculator?r

Employees PF calculator designed by Fisdom is anonline tool that can be used for estimating the EPF corpusavailable at the time of retirement. To use this calculator, auser has to provide basic details like basic monthly salary,present age, retirement age, annual expected salary increase, PFcontribution, and current PF balance.

Once the user knows the estimated PF value atretirement, it is easier to plan retirement. It helps users toestimate whether the PF corpus can meet the different financialneeds at retirement. Accordingly, it helps in gauging whetherone needs to invest additional funds towards other investmentalternatives to cater to various financial needs.

How to use Fisdom’s PF calculator?

Fisdom’s PF calculator is a free online tool thathelps users in calculating the total PF corpus at retirement.The calculator also aids an employee to gauge the amount ofcontribution to be made for achieving a specific corpuspost-retirement. This can help him/her in setting personalfinancial goals.

Here is the step-by-step process to use Fisdom’s PFcalculator:

  1. Enter basic monthly salary
  2. Next, enter present age
  3. Enter the expected annual increase in salar
  4. Enter employee contribution in percentage format
  5. Finally, enter the current PF balance
  6. Lastly, enter the expected retirement age and employer’scontribution to PF
  7. The calculator uses the current rate of interest being paidby EPF for this calculation.

Once all the fields are filled with relevant data,the calculator automatically calculates total PF investment andmaturity value based on the latest applicable interest rate. Italso shows the total interest earnings, total employer’scontribution and total of employee’s contribution on the rightside of the calculator. All this information provides a holisticview of investment to an employee for better financial decisionmaking.

How does an EPF calculator work?

Let us understand the functionality of the EPFcalculator with the help of an example.

Employees’ basic salary + dearness allowance=Rs 15,000Employees’ contribution towards the EPF=12% * 15,000=Rs1,800Employers contribution towards the EPF=3.67% * 15,000=Rs 550

The total contribution that is made by the employerand employee towards the EPF account of the employee=Rs 1,800+ Rs 550=Rs 2,350.

The interest rate on PF for FY 2022-23 is set at8.1%.

To calculate the interest rate applicable for eachmonth, the calculation is:


If an employee joined a firm ABC in April 2019, thetotal PF contribution for April will be Rs. 2,350. There will beno interest earnings on PF for the month of April.

The net PF contribution for May=Rs 4,700. (Rs2,350+ Rs 2,350). The employee earns an interest of Rs 4,700 *0.675%=31.72.

Benefits of using Fisdom’s PF calculator

Fisdom’s PF calculator gives the exact amount that anemployee can accumulate in his/her EPF fund at retirement. Thisway, he/she gets an idea on the available retirement corpus. Itallows one to manage other investments in a planned manner.

One can use the Fisdom PF calculator to increasecontribution towards retirement. If an employee feels that theaccumulated corpus at retirement will not be sufficient to meetpersonal financial requirements, he/she can increase thepercentage of contribution to achieve a larger corpus atretirement.

Fisdom’s PF calculator is very easy to use andreflects the PF corpus amount at retirement within seconds. Thecalculator is designed to help an individual plan his/herretirement. Those who want an early retirement can increase thepercentage of contribution to PF depending on the results shownby PF calculator. It also gives users an idea of the EPF corpusat various stages of retirement.

PF interest rates

The interest rate on PF may be modified every year bythe Central Government of India. The government periodicallyreviews EPF interest rates in consultation with the Ministry ofFinance and EPFO’s Central Board of Trustees.

While the PF interest rate may be modified on ayearly basis, it is calculated on a monthly basis. This is whythe interest rate is calculated by dividing the annual rate by12.

Mentioned below is the EPF interest rate for the past5 years:

  • YearEPF InterestRate
  • 2015-168.80%
  • 2016-178.55%
  • 2017-188.55%
  • 2018-198.65%
  • 2019-208.50%


With PF contributions, employees get a fixed incomeonce they retire. Employees who are eligible for PF can nominatea family member as nominee. This way, the family members canavail the pension or corpus in case of the employee’s demise.Employees can also get life insurance cover through EPFcontributions.


1. What is the interest rate used by Fisdom’s PF calculatorto estimate retirement corpus?

Fisdom’s PF calculator uses the interest rates set by the EPFO for theongoing financial year.

2. Does EPFO invest in ETFs?

Yes, EPFO invests in ETFs or Exchange-Traded Funds. EPFO invests in ETFsof the Sensex and the Nifty50 apart from the CPSE (Central Public SectorEnterprises) and the Bharat 22 indices.

3. When can I withdraw from my PF account?
You can withdraw funds from your PF account aftercompleting 7 years of service in case you have urgent financial needs.The withdrawal can be made a maximum of three times during thecontribution period and a maximum of 50% of funds can be withdrawn frompersonal contribution.
4. Can I use Fisdom’s PF calculator even if I change jobs?

Yes, you can use Fisdom’s PF calculator even if you change jobs.

5. How many times can I use Fisdom’s PF calculator?
You can use Fisdom’s PF calculator as many times as you like since it isfree to use and can be used at any time.