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Behind the simple and intuitive UI for apps, we have a web of complex calculations that make sure
that you continue to get the best returns on your investments.

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Your goal / objective form the starting point for all our research and algorithms to rally behind. Through a couple of simple questions, we learn from you the timing and amount of the goal. This allows us to compute what investments would make most sense, to minimise your monthly investment towards the goal. If you don’t know the exact timing and amount, we use heuristics to suggest both.

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Deep Research

There are over 20 types of investment products in the market. Within each, the choice and complexity is mind-numbing: for example well over 1,000 each mutual fund and insurance schemes exist. We use our experience and research on these product types to narrow the choice down to ones that make sense for the average investor:

  • Full transparency in performance
  • Low charges/fees/commissions (because this gets charged straight off your return)
  • High degree of flexibility in withdrawal
  • Convenience in transactions

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Load and tax optimization

Some products have loads (i.e. small penalties) on premature exit. They do this to be able to optimise your money and earn the best return. This is no different from what your bank would charge you in case you break your fixed deposit midway. We ensure that your money is put away in a fashion that is available to you, when you need it, without incurring load.

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Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing

All portfolios require periodic rebalancing to account for different factors:

  • Performance of individual instruments, and their managers
  • Changes in external environment – GDP, market outlook, exchange rate, interest rates, inflation, etc
  • Changes in your personal situation – more / new goals, changes to existing ones, age, changes in family situation (e.g. getting married, getting a promotion, etc)

Whether or not you have time to periodically look at your money (most of our customers don’t!), you can relax with the comfort that someone is actively looking at it to make sure it is earning the best returns possible.Needless to say, our rebalancing algorithms optimise for tax and load, as applicable.