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What is fisdom?

fisdom is an automated investment service provider. We manage a personalized online investment account for you that is accessible anytime and anywhere from your desktop, […]

How does fisdom work?

fisdom helps make your money work for you. We provide personalised investment recommendations without asking you long, intrusive questions. As we understand you better over […]

Who is behind fisdom?

fisdom is an investment advisor registered with the Association of Mutual Fund Federation of India (AMFI). We are a team of finance professionals, data scientists, […]

Who can invest through fisdom?

Any Indian national, NRI or person of Indian origin having an Indian PAN card can invest through fisdom. NRIs or PIOs staying in US and […]

What is the process to get started?

There are 3 simple steps to get started: Register yourself through email, Google or Facebook As per regulation, you need to complete a simple one-time […]

How secure is my data with fisdom?

At fisdom, we go out of our way to make sure that confidential information pertaining to your account and investments are never compromised online. We […]

Does fisdom have mobile apps?

We certainly do! We have both Android and iOS versions of the app. You can view your account seamlessly between web, iOS and Android.

Is there a minimum investment to start investing through fisdom?

You can get started with a monthly investment as low as ₹ 500. If you are making a one-time investment, the minimum amount is ₹ […]

Where is my money invested?

Your money is invested in a basket of researched high-quality mutual funds or corporate deposits, as per the recommendations shown to you. These investments are […]

Does fisdom assure a minimum return?

No we do not assure any minimum returns. Investor can get a guidance based on historical performance of the fund. However, the same is not […]

What research does fisdom do?

We take various factors into consideration before making our recommendation like your financial objectives, tenure, performance and management data of the fund, tax implication, fees, […]

Does fisdom charge a fee for its services?

fisdom does not charge any fee or subscription. We earn commissions from the mutual funds for the money that you invest through us.

Can I close my fisdom account anytime? What happens to my investments?

Yes. You can close your fisdom account anytime. Your investments are always held in your name with the mutual fund and you can interact with […]

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