What is TDS? Why do I need to record a video? Why do you a need a selfie? Why do you need a photograph of PAN card? Why do you need a photograph of address proof? Why do you need a photograph of cancelled cheque leaf? What percentage of my salary should I save? How can I make more money than my fixed deposits, without taking more risk? How do I grow wealth/make more money? What does making your money work for you mean? Can I close my fisdom account anytime? What happens to my investments? Does fisdom charge a fee for its services? What research does fisdom do? Does fisdom assure a minimum return? Where is my money invested? Is there a minimum investment to start investing through fisdom? Does fisdom have mobile apps? How secure is my data with fisdom? What is the process to get started? Who can invest through fisdom? Who is behind fisdom? How does fisdom work? What is fisdom? Do I have to pay taxes on my gains from the fisdom account? Can I get the credit in a different bank account? How long does it take to get the money? How do I make a withdrawal from my account? Are there any charges on funds withdrawal? Can I transfer my investments from fisdom to another broker? Can I transfer mutual funds held somewhere else into Fisdom? What is the process? What is the minimum period for which I need to stay invested? Is there a lock in period? Is there any penalty (exit load) for earlier redemption? How does payment happen? How do you decide the funds I need to invest in? What do I do if I want to invest different amounts every month? Which option should I choose for investing? What documents do I need to register on fisdom? Can I start investing immediately? What is registration / KYC? How are returns computed? How do I infer how the money is doing? Can I withdraw money? Can I also view old investments transferred in to fisdom? Can I see the report immediately after a transaction is done? Can I see all my investments here? Can I cancel an SIP / ECS mandate? How is an SIP initiated / executed? Can I invest variable amounts every month in an SIP? How is an SIP superior to investing one-time or lump-sum? What is an SIP? How fisdom recommends?