Planning to go Gold Shopping this Dhanteras?

Here are some tips that will turn your gold shopping into a good investment decision!

On this auspicious day, why not increase your wealth by buying gold! Follow these smart tips to buy gold.

Dhan = wealth  Teras = Day of Goddess Lakshmi

Always check the day's gold price before buying gold, especially gold jewellery. This will help you in getting a fair estimate of final bill amount.

#1 Gold Price

Hallmark is a purity certification of the precious metal. Checking the hallmark will help you know the authenticity of the gold article.

#2 Check gold hallmark

Always pre-check and negotiate gold jewellery making charges with the jeweller as many apply substantial making charges that will spike your final bill.

#3 Making charges

Always ask for a copy of the final bill amount so that you can verify the gold price and making charges.

#4 Ask for bill

Did you know that there are many formats of gold other than jewellery? You can buy digital gold, Gold ETFs, Sovereign Gold Bonds, etc.

#5 Look for other formats