Is Your Take-Home Salary Low?

Not to worry! Here are some smart and easy-to-implement tips to improve your take-home salary 

Reach Out to Your Company HR and ask Whether Your Pay Package can be Restructured to improve take-home Salary

#1  Restructure

Get Tax Benefits on Eligible Expenses like Children’s Education Expenses, Cost of Registering your House, etc Under Sec 80C

#2 Claim Eligible Expenses

Opt for Meal Coupons, Telephone Expense Reimbursement, Fuel Reimbursement, etc. Go Travel and Claim LTA to Save Tax

#3 Get Reimbursed

Opt for the Employee Provident Fund Option if Eligible. You can also Invest in NPS to Enjoy Additional Tax Deduction of 50k

#4 EPF and NPS to Save Tax

To Enjoy Tax Rebate, make Maximum Use of Permitted HRA or House Rent Allowance. By Claiming HRA, you can save tax and improve your Salary

#5 Claim Tax Rebate

Preventive Medical Checkups Give You the dual benefit of Knowing Your Health Status and Claiming Tax Deductions of Upto Rs 5k Under Sec 80D

#6 Use Section 80D

Save tax on up to Rs. 75,000 by getting medical insurance for self, spouse, parents, and children

#7 Get Medical Cover

To calculate your take-home salary use the link below