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Affidavit Of Title

Updated on March 10, 2023

Affidavit of Title is a legal document that specifies the title of a property with the seller of such property. This document is provided by the seller of the property to the buyer and removes any ambiguity in the title of such property. This document also acts as the sworn statement that the property is free of any lien or charge and is not being sold to another party at the same time to avoid any potential legal issues. It assures the buyer of the property of their claim upon buying the same from the seller without diluting it from any potential cases of seller’s bankruptcy or legal attachment of the property in any pending case against the seller.

What is included in the Affidavit Of Title?

The format of this document can vary depending on the guidelines of the State. The usual contents of this document include the

Details of the seller (name, address, residential status, etc.)
Declaration that the property is free of any charge or attachment in any bankruptcy case against the seller,
The seller is the sole owner of the said property and that the property in question does not have any dispute of title
The property is not being sold to another entity simultaneously