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Awesome App. I Love the interface of the fisdom app.The best-rated app as far as I am concerned with respect to SIP investment, tax saving & smart saving. Kudos to Fisdom Team for such a wonderful app.

Best-rated app


I want to applaud the team at Fisdom for creating a useful app that helps people with no knowledge of mutual funds to start investing. The UI looks simple, clean and easy to follow with help at each step.

Fantastic work

vidhatha sv

One stop solution for your investing needs. Fisdom is one of the most user-friendly apps available for investing using financial instruments. Easy to use and performs better than the market under all scenarios.

Easy to use

Akul Sharma

Best Mutual Fund App. Best app I have ever seen for Mutual Fund investment, great security measure, very fast & user-friendly, works perfectly for me. Developers should get 5stars.

Best mutual fund app

Dipanjali Dutta

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fisdom is an award-winning platform to help people new to mutual funds invest in it & make money

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