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Book Running Lead Manager (BRLM)

Updated on March 16, 2023

The RHP of an IPO contains all the details about the IPO including company details. It also includes details about the Boom Running Lead Managers of the IPO.

The Book Running Lead Managers are an integral part of an IPO. Before the launch of the IPO, they are in charge of the activities like the overall due diligence of the company, its operations, legalities of the IPO, etc.

Why is Book Running Manager important?

The scope of activities for the BLRM includes:

a. Drafting and designing the offer document, a prospectus as well as the advertisements that provide the key features of the IPO.

b. They are required to meet the statutory requirements like filing the RHP with SEBI and ROC along with meeting other legal requirements of an IPO.

c. They also draft the strategies for the IPO along with meeting the post-issue requirements like the issue of securities, management of escrow accounts, intimation of allocation of securities, issue of refunds, coordination with non-institutional investors, etc.