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Can I apply for the IPO Online

Updated on March 17, 2023

There are multiple IPOs that have been launched in the past year and the current year. These IPO can be easily subscribed through the online process.

How to apply for IPO online?

To apply for an IPO through the online mode, an investor needs to first open a Demat account with a registered broker and also have a valid PAN card.

The process to apply online can be through the ASBA facilities which are available through banks and UPI. The steps for the same are,

1. Open a net banking account and login using valid credentials.
2. Click on the investment section and click on the IPO tab.
3. Investors will have to fill in the details of the Depository Participants and verify the same.
4. The next page will take the investor to the selected IPO
5. Investors will have to enter the number of shares that they want to bid on and the enter the amount for the same.
6. The final step is to click on ‘Apply now’ for the IPO and complete the process.

Can I apply in an IPO through Fisdom

Yes, you can download and use the Fisdom app on your smartphone to apply for an IPO.