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Deposit Slip

Updated on March 19, 2023

A deposit slip is a form that is available in the banks and is used to fill in details of the amount to be deposited into a bank account. A deposit slip is used to deposit money into the bank account through cheques, demand drafts, or through cash.

Details to be included in the Deposit Slip

The key details to be included in the deposit slip are
1. The name and signature of the depositor
bank account number where the money is to be deposited
2. Date of deposit,
3. Amount to be deposited,
4. Details of the cheque (cheque number, bank name, and branch name).
5. If the deposit is made in cash, details of the currency denomination are also to be provided in the deposit slip.

The bank will stamp the counterfoil on the deposit slip as an acknowledgment of the amount deposited and return it to the depositor.