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Global Card

Updated on October 4, 2023

A “Global Card,” often referred to as an “International Card,” is a special type of credit or debit card that is designed to be used for transactions not only within India but also across the world. It’s a financial tool that offers you the convenience of making purchases, withdrawing cash, and conducting various financial transactions in different countries.

Details of Global Card

International Usability – A Global Card is designed to be accepted by businesses, merchants, and ATMs worldwide, making it usable in both India and other countries when you travel.

Currency Conversion – When you use your Global Card abroad, the card issuer automatically converts the transaction amount from the local currency of the country you’re in into the currency of your card, usually Indian Rupees, eliminating the need for foreign currency.

ATM Availability – With a Global Card, you can withdraw money from ATMs across the globe, but be aware that certain ATMs may impose additional fees for international withdrawals, so it’s wise to confirm this with your card provider.

Enhanced Security – Global Cards often feature advanced security measures like EMV chips and PIN protection to provide added security layers against unauthorized usage.

Online Shopping – A notable advantage of a Global Card is its ability to facilitate online purchases from international websites, granting you access to a diverse range of online retailers in various countries.

Travel Perks – Certain Global Cards offer extra travel-related benefits, such as travel insurance coverage, access to airport lounges, and discounts on accommodations and transportation services.

Transaction Tracking – All transactions made with your Global Card are logged on your card statement, which aids in monitoring your expenses and effectively managing your finances.

Card Varieties – Global Cards come in two primary types: credit cards, allowing purchases on credit to be paid later with interest, and debit cards, which deduct transaction amounts directly from your bank account.