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How to get Demat Account

Updated on March 15, 2023

Demat accounts are the first step for any investor to start investing in the share market. The process to open a Demat account has been greatly simplified due to the availability of the online mode as against the previous offline mode. The details of how to open a Demat account are mentioned below

How to open a Demat account

The first step in opening a Demat account is to reach out to a trusted broker. These days, it is very easy to open a Demat account using smartphone apps.

After filling in the Demat account opening form, investors will have to provide basic KYC details like name, address, email address, mobile number, etc.

Following this, investors will have to provide the bank details and link the same to the Demat account. Bank details are crucial to carrying out the financial part of investment and credit of any refunds or dividends issued by companies.

A Demat account can be opened within a few days, depending on wherther the investor supplies valid documents during the process.