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Industrial Park

Updated on March 9, 2023

It is a specially created part, separate and generally outside the larger city area which is earmarked for carrying out industrial development / manufacturing or other such work. An Industrial Park is a portion within a city or outside city limits, which is not for residential or commercial purposes, but specifically for industrial activity. These parks are linked to railway lines, ports, airports or highways/high speed corridors for smooth and quick logistical support.

What are the unique features of Industrial Park?

Some key features of Industrial Parks are :
a. Industrial Parks include manufacturing units, refinaries, warehouses, factory clusters etc.
b. They may get special tax concessions and other benefits.
c. Industrial Parks are well connected to or situated close to ports / airports / railway lines / major highways.
d. They have uninterrupted power supply, digital connectivity, access to high speed freight corridors etc.
e. A well planned Industrial Park will have ease of access to land, labour, capital and connectivity.