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Intermarket Surveillance Group (ISG)

Updated on March 3, 2023

Intermarket Surveillance Group or ISG is an international committee or group composed of members from more than 60 exchanges around the world and includes some of the world’s leading stock exchanges. The purpose of ISG is to share information related to surveillance and investigation conducted separately as well as collectively for regulating and smooth functioning of interconnected world markets. Along with the information exchange amongst member exchanges, ISG also ensures sharing of international best practices for better stock market regulations and effective management. ISG provides a global network for regulatory coordination efforts among exchanges where trading of securities and other products takes place.

Objectives of ISG

Some objectives of ISG are:
a) To monitor and identify manipulative or fraudulent activities in the financial markets and to share information between members.
b) Conduct investigations and/or impose disciplinary action against offending parties.
c) To address potential intermarket manipulation and trading abuses, make rules or initiate legal action based on gathered evidence.