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Investment Counsellor

Updated on March 7, 2023

Investment counsellors, also known as investment advisors or financial advisors are professionals who provide advice, guidance, financial planning, advisory and investment related services to individuals, families or institutions. They generally have broad based knowledge about investment strategies. Investment counsellors can be individuals, brokers or a team of such professionals. Investment advisors may charge a fixed fee or a percentage of assets, as per their agreement with the client.

What does an Investment counsellor do?

Some functions of an Investment counsellor are :
a) educating clients about investment products and services
b) recommending suitable products which fit the client’s financial needs and objectives
c) developing a strategic plan for clients’ long-term goals as per their risk profile

What are the pre-requisites to become an Investment counsellor?

Apart from strong business or financial education background and product knowledge, Investment counsellors may have a professional degree or designation like MBA, CFP or CFA. In India, individuals need to clear specific examinations from certified institutes like NISM to become a professional investment advisor and also should be registered with SEBI.