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Updated on March 16, 2023

Lokayukta is an anti – corruption authority in Indian states. It means ‘appointed by the people’. Lokayukta is basically an official or ombudsman appointed by the state government representing the public and looks into matters related to corruption in various public departments.The Lokayukta’s services cannot be terminated and neither can s/he be transferred. The process of removal is through impeachment by passage of motion to this effect in the state assembly. The Lokayukta submits its investigation report to the governor and has a fixed tenure. Lokayukta is usually a former Supreme Court judge or a High Court Chief Justice.

What are the functions of Lokayukta?

Some crucial functions of Lokayukta are :
a. Lokayukta can be directly approached by the public in cases related to corruption, mis – administration or wrong doing of public servants including MLA or other officials.
b. Investigation into decisions and actions of the state government.
c. Grievance redressal.