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Monitor And Review

Updated on March 15, 2023

‘Monitor And Review’ in terms of stock markets, is the process of collecting and analysing relevant information and/or data to ensure that the investment/s are performing at the required or expected level.
‘Monitor’ or ‘Monitoring’ is an ongoing process. Although monitoring is important, an action should only be initiated as and when required and that too, after careful evaluation.

Monitor and Review explained

Monitoring at regular intervals may give new insights and it helps in evaluating whether the portfolio or investment is in line with the objective and goals. A Review means validating the results of evaluation and deciding if the investment or portfolio needs a change. Monitoring may provide certain data points or new information, but timely review, which can be quarterly, semi-annual or annual will be possible only after evaluating all the factors which affect the portfolio during the monitoring period. It is important to monitor and review the portfolio or investment from a stability, security and risk/return point of view for every investor.