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Most Recent Quarter (MRQ)

Updated on March 2, 2023

Most Recent Quarter (MRQ) is a term generally used with respect to quarterly results of companies and refers to the most recent quarter that has gone by. It means the numbers or results of the last reported fiscal quarter for a company. Most recent quarter data is used to display changes in the performance of a company, quarter on quarter. Listed companies are required to share their MRQ data regularly and the information is also found on the company’s financial statements, exchange website as well as other business/financial websites.

How are Most Recent Quarter (MRQ) results published?

Companies share their results through various financial statements for each fiscal quarter. The financial results include figures of sales, earnings and other performance metrics. Generally, companies report their results every quarter, following the calendar year or financial year, like:
Q1: April, May, June
Q2: July, August, September
Q3: October, November, December
Q4: January, February, March
Thus, the latest information for an investor in the month of January 2023 will be from the most recent quarter which means Q3 of 2022. Companies publish their income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement for each quarter. They also show the quarter’s performance comparison with the same period from the previous year.