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Updated on July 18, 2023

A patwari typically refers to an individual appointed by a local government or land authority with the responsibility of maintaining and updating land ownership records within a specific geographical area. This crucial role involves various tasks related to land administration, including recording changes in land ownership, documenting land transactions, and keeping track of land boundaries.

What is the role of Patwaris?

Accuracy of Land Records – Patwaris have a crucial responsibility of maintaining accurate land records by meticulously updating registers and documents with ownership details, boundaries, and classifications. This ensures a reliable and up-to-date database of land ownership.

Collection of Land Taxes – Patwaris play a vital role in assessing and collecting land-related taxes and fees on behalf of the local government. They calculate tax amounts based on factors such as land classification and size, and collect payments from landowners.

Local Point of Contact – Patwaris serve as a local point of contact for land-related matters, providing valuable information and assistance to landowners. They help resolve land disputes, address boundary issues, and facilitate the documentation and legal procedures related to land.