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Point and Figure Chart

Updated on March 8, 2023

A Point and Figure chart is a financial chart that is used to represent the price movements of securities. It is a type of stock chart that plots price movements without taking into account the time factor. In Point and Figure charts, prices are plotted as columns of X’s and O’s, where X’s represent rising prices and O’s represent falling prices.

What is the key advantage of Pointy and Figure Charts?

The main advantage of Point and Figure charts is that they help traders and investors identify key support and resistance levels and trend reversals. They are particularly useful for identifying long-term trends, as they ignore minor price movements and focus on significant price changes

How to create a Point and Figure Chart?

To create a Point and Figure chart, an investor or trader needs to set a box size and a reversal amount. The box size represents the minimum price movement required to change the direction of the trend, and the reversal amount represents the minimum number of boxes required for a trend reversal to occur.

Point and Figure charts are a popular tool among technical analysts, but it’s important to note that they should be used in conjunction with other analysis techniques, such as fundamental analysis and risk management, to make informed investment decisions.