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Special Terms

Updated on March 17, 2023

Special Terms’ or ‘Special Terms and/or conditions’ refer to the governing conditions, principles or clauses mentioned while drafting, registering, signing or recording a contract or agreement between the provider of a service and its users or simply between twoparties. ‘Special terms’ may refer to certain specific conditions or pre- conditions set out in the agreement or contract, which either prevent a certain specific occurence to come into play or due to which the contract will cease to be valid.

Special Terms explained

a) Special Terms can be part of an agreement, contract, Notice, Prospectus, application, offer etc.
b) These may not be part of the standard content of such a document but may be laid out under a separate heading.
c) ‘Special Terms’ section needs to be read and understood with specific clarity for investors, applicants or parties entering into an agreement or a contract.