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T2T segment On BSE

Updated on March 16, 2023

T2T segment on BSE or Trade-to-trade is a segment on BSE (or the stock exchange) where such shares can be bought for delivery only. BTST, STBT and Intraday trading is not allowed for trade-to-trade shares. A stock is moved to the T2T segment after discussion between the stock exchange and SEBI. The conditions to this effect and the segment in which the stock is trading is mentioned on the websites of BSE (and NSE).

Can a stock be moved from T2T segment to normal segment on BSE?

A stock can be moved back from T2T to normal trading again as per the guidelines of exchanges and SEBI. Stocks which are very volatile or in which there is a lot of speculative trading or where there is a scope of manipulation are moved to the T2T segment. This is done primarily to prevent retail investors from getting impacted negatively.