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Unique Client Code

Updated on March 12, 2023

Unique Client Code is an identification number for clients which the brokers have to mandatorily maintain. A broker needs to maintain privacy in record keeping for its clients and thus each client is issued a separate alphanumeric number called Unique Client Code (UCC). Once a client has been registered with a broker, a Client ID/UCC will be issued along with the password. The client needs to change the password on 1st login. The client ID is sent through sms/mail or e-mail. It can be referred to as Customer ID, client ID or User ID. Unique Client Code can be used for all products under the same platform and on various devices. It helps in segregation of clients and to prvent misuse of client accounts. As per SEBI guidelines, each UCC should be linked to a demat account along with the PAN. It is done after verification by Stock Exchange and Depository participants.