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Can Stocks Make You Rich? Exploring Investment Options in Stock Markets

Written by - Marisha Bhatt

June 29, 2023 8 minutes

Investment in stock markets has peaked in the recent past. As of April 2023, the total number of Demat accounts stood at 11.6 crores. Only a year ago it stood at 8.97 crores. Every investor in the stock market has a vision and hope of being the next Warren Buffet or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and creating massive wealth through stocks. While this is quite difficult to achieve, it is definitely not impossible. There have been many cases in the modern world where investors have become rich through their investments in stock markets. Let us take a look at how investors can make the most of stock markets to become rich through long-term wealth creation.

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What are investment options in stock markets? 

The stock market has a variety of investment options and can cater to every class of investors. There are essentially two paths to earning money through stock markets, i.e., through trading or through investments. Investments can be across various asset classes like equity, debt, money market instruments, or trading in futures and options, forward contracts, options, etc.

Earnings through stock markets can be classified into two broad categories namely through capital gains or dividends. Capital gains are further classified into short-term and long-term gains depending on the period of holding of the capital asset. Dividends on the other hand are the share of profits that are distributed to the shareholders on a per-share basis. 

Investment options in the stock market

Exploring the world of stock market investments offers a myriad of opportunities for wealth creation and financial growth. Understanding the various investment options can help investors make informed decisions that align with their risk tolerance and financial goals.

  • Direct stock investing: Investors can buy individual stocks through a brokerage account, gaining direct exposure to specific companies and industries.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): These are marketable securities that track an index, commodity, or a basket of assets. They offer diversification and can be traded like stocks on an exchange.
  • Mutual Funds: Professionally managed funds that pool investors’ money to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities. They come with varying risk levels and investment objectives.
  • Index Funds: A type of mutual fund or ETF designed to replicate the performance of a specific market index, offering broad market exposure and lower fees compared to actively managed funds.
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs): Investors can automatically reinvest dividends received from stocks into additional shares, facilitating compounding growth and long-term wealth accumulation.
  • Options Trading: Investors can buy or sell options contracts, which grant the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price before a set expiration date. This strategy offers leverage and risk management opportunities.

Factors influencing stock market returns

Navigating the stock market requires an understanding of the key factors that drive market returns, enabling investors to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential.

  • Economic conditions and market trends: Macroeconomic indicators such as GDP growth, interest rates, inflation, and unemployment can impact stock market performance. Additionally, industry trends and global market dynamics play a crucial role in shaping returns.
  • Company performance and financials: A company’s financial health, revenue growth, profitability, and competitive positioning directly influence its stock price. Investors should analyze financial statements and industry developments to assess a company’s potential.
  • Investor sentiment and market psychology: Market sentiment, driven by news, events, and investor expectations, can cause short-term fluctuations in stock prices. Understanding market psychology helps investors anticipate price movements and make timely decisions.

What are the key points or strategies to get rich in stock markets? 

Some of the key points of strategies that can help in generating more wealth from stock markets are mentioned hereunder.

  1. Buy and hold

Most investors and even traders adopt the strategy of buy and hold. This involves analyzing quality stocks from every sector or market pioneer that have a sound business model and a good growth potential. When the stock prices of such shares are lower investors and traders tap into such opportunities and buy these quality stocks with a long-term approach. These stocks may be volatile in the short term but in the long term, these stocks are bound to grow. Therefore, the buy and hold approach allows the investors to benefit from long-term gains from these stocks and increase their wealth. 

  1. Capital appreciation through compounding

Another important tip to increase wealth through stock markets is to consistently invest and allow the investments to gain the benefit of capital appreciation through the compounding effect. Compounding is one of the biggest factors that contribute to increasing the wealth of an investor through dynamic investment options like mutual funds, index funds, etc. A person making a lumpsum investment of Rs. 100000 for a period of 5 years and making the same amount of investment through SIP for a similar period will definitely generate higher returns in the latter option. The contributing factor is the compounding effect in the SIP option that allows the investment to grow at a higher rate.     

  1. Returns through dividends 

It is well established that dividends are also a way to gain from stock markets. There are many companies, especially PSUs, that may not be high profit-making but provide decent dividends every year. Many companies like ITC, Coal India, Hindustan Zinc Limited, ONGC, etc. provide high dividends to the shareholders and can help generate a good passive income and gradually build their wealth.

  1. Investment styles

Investors also need to adopt different investment styles to factor in the growth potential of the stock markets. Two main types of investment styles include active investing and passive investing. Investors who have thorough market knowledge and expertise can pick high wealth-generating stocks and create their own portfolios or hire professionals to gain from their expertise. On the other hand, the passive investing style is less risky and generates more or less stab;e returns to gradually build one’s corpus to further generate higher wealth. A combination of the two is ideal to create a sound portfolio that can help the investors create maximum wealth at minimal risks and thereby meet their financial goals faster. 

  1. Diversification

We have often heard that diversification is the key to having a successful portfolio. A diversified portfolio will allow the investors to weather the market volatility. It not only allows the investors to spread their risk but also gets the benefit of returns from diverse asset classes. Index funds and ETFs are perfect examples to be included in a diversified portfolio along with other asset classes and sub-classes. The inherent nature of index funds and ETFs along with their passive approach will help the investors get stable returns at minimal risks and gradually contribute in wealth creation.  

  1. Evaluate the business share’s intrinsic value

The first and foremost rule of investing in stock markets is knowing the market and its nuances. This includes the study of the markets at the macro as well as micro levels. An important aspect of understanding the stock markets is understanding the difference between the market value of a stock and its intrinsic value. A novice investor may see stocks of a well-known brand available at cheaper rates and assume it to be a good investment opportunity. But a well-informed and seasoned investor will know to first check the intrinsic value of the shares and compare it to their market value to know if the shares are undervalued or overvalued. This analysis is crucial for making a sound investment decision. 


Getting rich by investing in stocks sounds quite attractive but not every investor understands the efforts and the understanding needed to curate and nurture their investment portfolio. It also requires a huge amount of patience and a practical approach to investment without letting emotions guide one’s investment decisions. The changing approach of investors today and the abundance of knowledge available are quite important tools that can help in making this vision a reality. 


Why is it important to have a market understanding for investment in stock markets?

A clear market understanding is a stepping stone to investment in stock markets. Investors understand the various concepts related to investing and trading to understand when is the most opportune time to enter and exit the markets.

What is the ideal time horizon for getting rich through stock markets?

There is no ideal answer to the correct or the ideal time frame of investment. The time horizon of investment depends on various factors like investment goals, capital availability, risk-return perception, etc.

Is the volume of investment important in deciding the returns?

Yes. Volumes play a crucial role in determining the net returns as well as boosting wealth creation. It is natural that investments made with higher capital will yield higher returns and vice versa.

Can a person be an investor as well as a trader?

Investing and trading are essentially two main avenues of wealth creation through stock markets and are independent modes altogether. Therefore, a person can be an investor or a trader or both to gain maximum returns from stock markets.

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