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Fisdom , your One Stop Destination for Mutual funds

Written by - Akshatha Sajumon

February 16, 2019 3 minutes

Many people these days want to put their money to work through investments. But most of the time, people hesitate or withdraw from investments because they consider it has a hassle, be it in terms of the paperwork involved and which investment option to choose. Some technically savvy people would want to invest through online investment platforms i.e. through websites or mobile apps but are confused to choose the best platform.
This article helps you solve all these confusions. Yes, Fisdom is India’s most trusted platform for Direct Plans Mutual Funds. It is your one-stop destination for all Mutual Funds because they don’t just provide access to a wide range of funds but also provide funds that suit your investment needs. Fisdom helps you choose the right investment option that is based on your financial goal and risk appetite.

Let’s look at more features of Fisdom and what it has in store for you:

Get tailor-made funds

With Fisdom ’s Direct Plans, you receive fund recommendations only after you have keyed in the amount you can contribute every month, the time period of your investment and other such information that suit your financial goals and needs.

Equity, Debt, HybridDiscover a wide range of fundsInvest in various categories of funds which have consistently outperformed the market. Fisdom ’s Smart Recommendation Engine is built on top of scientific financial models and years of historical market data.

Explore Top rated Mutual Fund across different categories

                 Keep track of your funds

Fisdom has “advanced research reports” and “portfolio alerts” that help you remain in touch with your portfolio and make wise decisions.

Term InsuranceSave for a specific purpose

With Fisdom , you can park money for a period between 1- 3 years or you can also save money for a specific goal such as retirement fund, child’s education or wedding, vacation or any such goal.

Save specifically for your retirement

With Fisdom , you can invest in the National Pension System (NPS) and save for retirement and earn more returns than that of PPF.

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NPS page
term insuranceSecure your family

By investing the same amount as your monthly Netflix subscription, you can get a life cover of 50 lakhs to 2Cr, to support your family in the event of your death..

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Save Tax

With Fisdom you can invest specifically in tax saving ELSS Mutual Funds and get a larger share of returns from your investments.

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  Maintain a disciplined savings habit

With Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) you can invest small amounts in regular installments and make your savings work better. If you prefer to invest in lump-sum then you can always choose One-time investments.

All this for No Fees and No Commission!. Choose Fisdom app and it would be your one-stop destination to dive into various mutual funds schemes that suit your investment horizon and risk appetite.
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