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On Probation – My first three months at Fisdom

Written by - Sameer Mohan

September 24, 2021 4 minutes

Just a few days ago, I was ruminating on this particular quote which I picked up while reading David Copperfield by Sir Charles Dickens;

“My job is to make people dream. Of course, there’s a lot of technical stuff behind the scenes and a lot of hard work behind it, but I get to watch people see the result of that hard work and feel that wonder and feel that discovery, all the time.”

Charles Dickens

I see that my job today is no less than making other people dream. And the best part, getting to see the people feel that wonder each time they look at their portfolio and make a habit of investing their hard-earned money.

Let me walk you through how my job looks.

My Job – Day in and day out

Ensure smooth onboarding on Fisdom app

Chances are that when you sign up on the Fisdom app, website, or on our partner’s page on Moneycontrol, you get an automatic email welcoming you to a “New way to invest.” The process that follows this is called onboarding. I am responsible to ensure your onboarding is smooth and you’re also ready to make your first investment – irrespective of it being a weekend or a national holiday. 

Oh and wait, my role doesn’t end here. I also need to ensure that you have made that first investment of yours and that you keep making these investments month after month after month. I know what you’re thinking – this sounds way too technical. Where’s the excitement, friend?

Carry out experiments to help you invest

This is where I tell you that the team works like a mini lab. We ensure that we run experiments around making you get to your first investment. We also run experiments around all that needs to be shown to you on your app screen. Our experiments are as diverse as this great Indian nation. I shall come back to this point slightly later in the blog. 

Clear and simple communications

And the biggest of them is to make sure that our communication is jargon-free. I remember that in the time when I had just joined the role, we made a video with comedian Atul Khatri. The script went like “IPO, NFO, F&O, SIP and there’s one more called SIC which is Sir I’m Confused.” 

My job as an owner for all communication through our app and website is to ensure that it remains as accessible and jargon-free as possible. We understand that people will invest in instruments only if they have clarity of what they’re getting into. And not when they face a barrage of tough to understand financial terms and abbreviations. 

I’ve been here in Fisdom for slightly over three months now, having come from helping build a subscription business. And I can clearly see some parallels between the two. The biggest being the part where I, as a product marketer, deliver value to my customer. The value delivery, in turn, will keep bringing them back to the platform and enable them to make sound investment decisions.

Challenges faced

The challenge though has been in understanding the motivations of the investors. Remember the part about experiments and how diverse they were? This directly ties into the motivation of the user. Or rather why they chose to invest in the first place. This is something that we consciously DO NOT CAPTURE on the app. I mean it’s personal finance for a reason.

 But what we do offer is assistance in meeting your goals through investing. And we keep continually iterating towards offering better fund choices towards all your goals. 

Projects in the Pipeline

To top these off, you shall soon see the covers off of our stocks product on Fisdom . I cannot stress how seamless the product is and how easy it is for you to get on and start trading. In case you’ve not signed up for the early access yet, do sign up here. We have a limited-time offer running for users who sign up for the early access waitlist. I can promise you a magical experience in it. 

Signing Off

And if there’s any product feedback, just drop it as a comment here. Members of my team and I will get back to you to ensure that we quickly iterate on these and we continue to deliver value to you.

The author is a Product Marketing Manager for Fisdom . Sameer has rich experience in building onboarding and retention flows for high-growth products. He is an alumnus of the Vellore Institute of Technology.

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