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Research Macroscope Prime Five 🎯

Prime Five 🎯

Written by - Fisdom Research

February 8, 2024 2 minutes

🔝 Strategically selected, superiorly positioned

Recap: Past Model Portfolios

Our recommended portfolios are outperforming the Nifty 50 TRI index despite market volatility!

Portfolio NameLaunch DatePortfolio ReturnsNifty 50 TRI Returns (%)Outperformance Over Index
SCORE23 October 202322.2%13.6%8.6%
Diwali Picks08 November 202317.3%12.5%4.8%
Election Picks27 December 20238.7%1.0%4.5%
Annual Picks 202429 December 20235.1%0.6%4.5%

Prime Five Portfolio

Strategically selected, superiorly positioned

Stock NameSectorMarketcap TypeEntry1st TargetFinal TargetPotential UpsideSupport Levels
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.Information TechnologyLargecap4,1204,7004,90020%3,700-3,600
Reliance Industries Ltd.Oil & GasLargecap2,8803,3503,50022%2,600-2,500
Life Insurance Corporation of IndiaInsuranceLargecap1,1151,3501,45030%850
JSW SteelSteelLargecap82693097518%720-690
Capacit’e Infraprojects Ltd.Cement & ConstructionSmallcap27733036030%220-200

Why Invest in “Prime Five” Now?

Investing in this portfolio means backing growth anchored in value.

It is a carefully curated selection of growth stocks at the intersection of momentum and value & also these stocks exhibit strong technical setups and positive momentum, suggesting favourable buying opportunities. Here’s why now is the opportune moment to consider this strategic investment:

Strategic Timing

After a year of significant gains across many sectors, we’ve identified a prime window to invest in stocks that still offer substantial growth potential.

Growth at a Fair Price

Our focus is on growth stocks that are currently trading at fair valuations. This approach ensures we’re not just chasing past performance but investing in future potential.

Selective Diversification

The Prime Five Portfolio encompasses stocks across different sectors that have shown resilience and are poised for future growth, providing a balanced exposure to innovation and stability.

Research-Driven Selection

Each stock in the portfolio has been rigorously analyzed, ensuring they possess strong fundamentals and are likely to benefit from both short-term catalysts and long-term trends.

Opportunity for Appreciation

Given the substantial runs seen in the past year, our selection criteria prioritize stocks that, while having demonstrated strong performance, still hold significant upside based on their growth trajectories and market positions.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

The company exhibits a technical breakout, signaling a buy-on-dips opportunity.

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