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Research Macroscope RBI Action on Paytm Payment Bank

RBI Action on Paytm Payment Bank

Written by - Fisdom Research

February 3, 2024 3 minutes

Impact on Mutual Funds

  • In the mutual fund industry, only 0.06% of the total equity assets under management (AUM) are invested in One97 Communication Ltd (Paytm).
  • 19 out of the total 23 asset management companies (AMCs) do not include One97 Communication Ltd (Paytm) in their portfolios, and nine of these 19 AMCs have no exposure to Paytm through their active mutual funds.
  • Among the asset management companies (AMCs) that had exposure to the stock, none exceeded 2% of their equity AUM in any case.

AMCs With Exposures to One97 Communications Ltd. (Paytm)

Sr No.AMC NamePassive AUM (In Crores)Active AUM (In Crores)Active AUM as % of Total Equity AUM
1Mirae           3.8    1,006.80.7%
2Nippon         13.6       408.10.1%
3Aditya Birla           1.0       142.40.1%
4Quant       141.40.4%
5Mahindra         91.10.6%
6HSBC         39.50.1%
7Motilal         11.6         36.40.1%
8UTI           0.0         26.40.0%
9Helios         15.52.0%
10Franklin         14.70.0%
11HDFC           0.6         14.00.0%
12Bajaj         13.30.5%
13JM            6.30.2%
14Union            4.70.1%
15Bandhan           0.3
16Edelweiss           0.3
17Groww           0.1
18ICICI           4.7
19Kotak           1.8
20Navi           0.6
21SBI           1.7
22Tata           1.8
23Zerodha           0.7
 Total Exposure of AMCs to One 97 Communications Ltd.42.51,960.54.9%
Source: ACE MF, Fisdom Research. Portfolio data as of December 2023.

AMCs With No Exposure to One97 Communications Ltd. (Paytm)

Sr No.AMC Name
1360 One
3Bank of India
4Baroda BNP Paribas
5Canara Robeco

Please refer to important disclosures, disclaimers, and applicable restrictions elaborated at the beginning and end of this report. The same applies to the contents of this report in entirety. 

Fund Level Exposures – Actively managed, diversified equity funds and sectoral funds.

Fund Name   CategoryPortfolio DateHolding %Market Value (In Rs Crore)% Abs Change
Mirae Asset Large Cap FundLarge Cap FundDec 20231.1430.4-0.2
Mirae Asset-Focused FundFocused FundDec 20232.9269.1-0.6
Quant Mid Cap FundMid Cap FundDec 20233.2133.8-0.4
Nippon India Large Cap FundLarge Cap FundDec 20230.6127.1-0.2
Mirae Asset ELSS Tax Saver FundEquity Linked Savings SchemeDec 20230.5104.8-0.3
Source: ACE MF, Fisdom Research. Returns data is from 31st January 2024 to 01 February 2024

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