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Research Capview Subtle Strength – June 2024

Subtle Strength – June 2024

Written by - Fisdom Research

June 20, 2024 1 minute

Indian Economy

S&P revises India’s outlook to positive

Here’s Why S&P Revised India’s Outlook to Positive:

  • Positive Economic Impact: India’s robust economic growth is improving its credit metrics.
  • Future Growth: Strong economic fundamentals are expected to support growth over the next two to three years.
  • Policy Continuity: Regardless of the election outcome, continuity in economic reforms and fiscal policies is anticipated.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Increasing government spending on infrastructure is reducing bottlenecks and promoting higher growth.
  • Government Focus: Ongoing consolidation efforts are a priority for the government.
  • Credit Outlook: S&P revised its outlook on India to positive from stable.

Emerging markets are growing fast; India emerges stronger

Emerging markets outperform the world

India leads the pack

Robust Indian macros

Expect India to maintain lead within the EM pack

India is already the fastest-growing economy; on track to feature among the global top three

$7 Tn Indian Economy

Now in Sight

Key Drivers

Consumption + Investment

India today is where China was in 2007

Source: SBI Funds Management, World Economic Outlook, IMF, Fisdom Research

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