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Top Traders in India

Written by - Marisha Bhatt

May 31, 2023 9 minutes

With the increasing awareness of stock markets in India, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of new investors and traders in the country. This is also attributed to the increasing technology and the ease of trading and investing in real-time. Names like Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Mr. Radhakishan Damani are legendary in the Indian stock markets. However, over the last few years, there are a few more names that can be added to the list of top traders in the country. Read on to find the names of these new age top traders and their key details. 

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Top traders in India

1.Kirubakaran Rajendran

Mr. Kirubakaran Rajendran, hailing from Chennai, is the Founder of SquareOff, an Algo Trading firm. He is a skilled algo trader who has developed multiple trading systems specifically designed for the Indian equity markets. His expertise and success in the field have garnered him huge recognition and connection with the trading community through his active engagement on Quora. He has shared over 800 insightful trading articles on the portal and amassed a staggering 8+ million views.

Kirubakaran holds a bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Loyola College in Chennai, India, and furthered his education by obtaining an MBA from Symbiosis University in Pune. His current lifestyle, achieved through dedication and learning from countless mistakes, is a testament to his relentless pursuit of success in the trading world. Before delving into the world of entrepreneurship, Mr. Kirubakaran Rajendran worked with Infosys, gaining valuable experience in the software field. He provided support to renowned institutions such as Bank of America and healthcare firms in the US and the Middle East, accumulating over 10 years of professional experience. 

What sets Kirubakaran apart is his unconventional approach to trading. Unlike most traders, he focuses on intraday trading without relying on option Greeks or technical charts. With a background in statistics, he thrives in a world governed by numbers. He has not only cracked the code to successful trading but has also automated the process with his self-designed trading bots, making them accessible to retail traders

2. Vishal Mehta

Mr. Vishal Mehta is a dedicated full-time independent trader with a strong background in financial markets and is the founder of MarketScanner. He holds the prestigious Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation from the USA and serves as the Global Director for CMT. Vishal initially began his trading journey as a discretionary trader, making trading decisions based on personal judgment and experience. However, recognizing the advantages of systematic trading and the growing popularity of automated trading, he shifted his focus to developing and implementing systematic strategies.

Throughout his career, Vishal has collaborated with renowned financial services providers in India and globally. He has worked with prominent institutions such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Spider Software, and Reliable Software & Financial Technologies. Notably, he achieved a remarkable milestone by delivering technical analysis training at major central banks in South Asia, including those in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, and India.

Vishal’s expertise has gained recognition, and he was featured on Moneycontrol, where he shared his personal journey as a trader. He is passionate about extending his education in technical analysis, systematic trading, and automated trading. To accomplish this, he conducts various seminars and workshops, where he imparts knowledge and insights to aspiring traders in these areas.

3. Jyoti Budhia

Ms. Jyoti Budhia is a highly respected figure in the field of Options and Technical Analysis, boasting an impressive three decades of experience in the stock market as both a trader and a trainer. She is a Director at BK Training and has been in the business of trading and training since 1986, the time of physical trading in stock markets. 

As the main faculty at her institution, Ms. Jyoti Budhia brings a wealth of expertise as a Derivative and Technical Analyst. Her deep understanding of the stock market gained over the course of over 30 years is complemented by her authorship of the NSE NCFM-Option Trading Strategies (New Module). Additionally, she serves as a visiting faculty member for various institutions, including the NSE, FTKMC-MCX, BSE Brokers Forum, ANMI, BSE Training Institute, and is a certified CPE Trainer by NISM for Currency Derivatives, Equity Derivatives, Securities Operation Risk Management, and Mutual Fund. Her extensive experience and qualifications have led to her being empaneled as a trainer with these renowned organizations.

4. Spandan Vyas

Spandan Vyas is a 26-year-old Computer Engineer and has been actively involved in trading in the Indian Stock Market since 2014. He has also cleared CFA Level 1 demonstrating his dedication to expanding his knowledge in the field and obtained certification in Nism Equity Derivatives, further enhancing their expertise in this specific domain. 

Mr. Spandan utilizes a combination of discretionary and mechanical systems in his trading approach understanding the importance of managing both risk and opportunity and viewing them as two sides of the same coin. He is a strong believer in discipline and effective risk management as the basis of achieving success in the trading world. 

In addition to his personal trading activities, Mr. Spandan is also the founder of VyasCap. VyasCap offers algo services and also serves as an official authorized partner of IIFL, providing sub-broker services with one of the lowest brokerage rates in the market. Vyascap’s product portfolio includes Equity, F&O (Futures and Options), Commodity, and Currency trading, and charges technology consultancy fees for its algo services.

Tina Gadodia

Mrs. Tina Gadodia is an MMS specializing in Finance and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Futures & Options Research. With 15 years of professional experience, she has honed her expertise in generating trading strategies focused on Options, both in directional and non-directional contexts. She is also the President at Quantsapp and Head of Research and Development.

Before joining Quantsapp, Tina held significant roles in renowned organizations such as Motilal Oswal and HSBC Investdirect (formerly IL&FS Investsmart). In these positions, she served as a Senior Derivative Strategist, responsible for creating and implementing single-leg to multi-leg Option Strategies. Additionally, she skillfully managed Delta trading portfolios for Ultra High Net Worth Individual (HNI) clients.

Vivek Gadodia

Mr. Vivek Gadodia is currently the CEO of RBT Algo Systems and was earlier a partner at Dravyanti Consulting and co-creator at Algo Convention. He has a background in managing strategy portfolios including equities, futures and options at Dravyabnti Consulting and has been successfully running trading systems since 2012. 

RBT specializes in designing and developing automated/algorithmic trading systems based on mechanical and quantitative strategies for both Indian and International markets. They focus on developing systems for High/Medium Frequency trading.

Furthermore, Vivek has also been a visiting faculty member at BSE Training Institute and shared his knowledge and expertise. He also has the merit of teaching various courses on Algo Trading, Technical Analysis, and Derivatives, imparting his insights to aspiring traders and professionals in the industry. Vivek is a multi-disciplinary professional with a diverse background in Technology, Trading, and Financial markets. He holds a degree in Commerce, and a Master’s in Management Studies from Sydenham, and has completed an Executive Program in Applied Finance from IIM-Calcutta.

Nainesh Thakkar

Mr. Nainesh Thakkar is the Head of One Percent Academy at Fisdom which is an educational initiative by Fisdom. He is a seasoned professional with an MBA in Financial Markets and works as an investment advisor, active derivatives trader, and trainer. With 14 years of experience in the financial markets, he began his journey at the age of 17.

The One Percent Academy by Fisdom provides Foundation Program and Advanced programs for new and experienced investors in stock markets helping them to enhance their understanding of fundamental analysis of stocks and technical analysis skills. 

The four-week course offers many features like 

  • live classes, 
  • master classes conducted by experts, 
  • community access to peers and experts for better learning, 
  • comprehensive knowledge of the markets, and 
  • trading strategies. 

Participants also get a training certificate from BSE at the end of the course. 

In addition to his role as the head of the One Percent Academy, Mr. Thakkar also actively trades and invests in the market and serves as a visiting faculty member at various educational institutions, specializing in topics such as Derivatives, Advanced Derivatives, Technical Analysis, and Mutual Funds. 

Apart from conducting investment awareness programs nationwide and receiving recognition for training and mentoring contributions, he also offers advisory services to clients of a brokerage house, assisting them with their equity portfolios, mutual fund portfolios, and trading strategies. His experience also includes moderating interviews with esteemed market experts, including Mr. Ramesh Damani, Mrs. Deena Mehta, Mr. Navneet Munot, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal, Mr. Nilesh Shah, and others, where they discuss various aspects of markets and investments.


These newage traders and entrepreneurs have created a huge name for themselves in the Indian stock markets making way for many to follow in their footsteps and gain success at trading. The increasing number of new entrants in the stock markets and the breaking of the stigma that was long associated with trading along with the technological advancements has been instrumental in the success of these traders. Their valuable knowledge and expertise are building a whole new breed of smart investors and traders shaping the Indian stock markets along the way.


1. Who are the pioneer names in the list of top investors in India?

Some of the pioneer names in the list of top traders in India include Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mr. Vijay Kedia, Mr. Radhakishan Damani, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal, Mr. Anil Kumar Goel, Mr. Ramesh Damani among others.

2. What is algo trading?

Algo trading, short for algorithmic trading, is a computerized approach to executing trades in financial markets. It uses pre-programmed algorithms to analyze data, identify trading opportunities, and execute trades rapidly and at scale. Algo trading removes human emotions and relies on mathematical models to make trading decisions. It is popular among institutional investors and traders for its efficiency and ability to capitalize on market inefficiencies.

3. How to enroll in One Percent Academy by Fisdom?

Investors and traders can enroll in the One Percent Academy by Fisdom through the following link

4. Who is known as the Big Bull of the Indian stock markets?

Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was known as the big bull of the Indian stock markets.

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