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Being Dravid: Investing is all about staying in the game long enough to build enough

  • Tejesh Kumar
  • 23 Apr
  • 2 minutes

Being Dravid in Investing

Comparison between the batting averages of two cricket legends Rahul Dravid and Virendra Sehwag for various formats of the game is quite interesting. Dravid was a great defensive batsman with an effortless batting style which lacked flamboyance – these characteristics are perfect for a test match which are generally played for 5 days.

Sehwag on the other hand, was an aggressive batsman, ready to take unimaginable risks and looking to hit almost every ball a boundary or six – these characteristics sound perfect for a ODI (one day international) match and T-20 international matches with 20 overs.

Both these cricketers have their own style, while Dravid is perceived to be accumulator of runs Sehwag is perceived to be prolific scorer of runs. However, the table shows an interesting comparison. Not only does Dravid outperform Sehwag in every version of cricket, Dravid’s outperformance which is measured by batting average is the widest in T20 and narrowest in test cricket.

Rahul dravid

“Dravid has a simple game founded upon straight lines. Reasoning that runs cannot be scored in pavilion; he sets out to protect his wicket. Curiously this thought does not seem to occur to many batsmen, a point any coach can confirm”- says Peter Roebuck, one of the world’s greatest cricket writers.

Here are some parallels from the book “Coffee Can Investing” having a set of loyal investors as readers who would swear by the efficacy the principles shared therein.

Rahul dravid 1

(Note: Period consideration is from 1st Jan 1990 till 31st Dec 2019. The investment horizons are calculated on a rolling basis)

The above chart shows that a defensive investor with longer average has better chance to earn profits. As compared to the speculative investor who is trying to hit the ball out of boundary every time.

Today, the choice is yours. Do you want to go down in your social history as a Dravid investor who managed to build a fortune by investing right? You know what to do; or rather what not to do during times like now – stick to it.

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