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Being financially free

Written by - Vishvender

August 8, 2018 4 minutes

It’s the month of India’s financial independence and I can only think about what it takes for us to be free, as people.

We’re either dependant on our jobs, relationships, traps of habits, or emotions.

Taking a route on viewing how we can be financially free and how relatable it is to each one of us.

There isn’t a person I know who hasn’t watched queen! Or wanted to watch it again. I run out of words that could describe this movie. It isn’t a movie it is an entire experience.
For those 2.5 hours I got involved with her joys, her sorrows her heartbreak, the condescending nature in which she was treated by her Fiancé and most involved in her evolution within that time period and her courage to break free from the shackles of social standards( Who is this society anyway?).

While watching the movie I couldn’t help but wonder, what could be the financial implication of such a situation in any young girls life…

1. Heartbreak is a big deal! As much as you hear:‘ It is for the better’, ‘ He didn’t deserve you’ etc… it always hurts. Shopping is a solution! So is taking a holiday with your girlfriends and so is pursuing your hobby, taking up a course. None of which comes free, unfortunately. Word of advice, start saving for a worst case always!
A Monthly SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) could go a long way in bailing you out of any situation that suddenly looms on your head.

2. Do not let past bad experiences affect your future decisions- In a state of self-pity, it may have been very easy for her to slip into that life again by accepting a not so positive partner.
However, she chose to step out of that territory and find one of her own. Often, we struggle with investments we have made in the past, regret them, curse the person who sold them to us, stop any future investments and sit cushy with the money in the bank feeling comfortable.

Sometimes a bad experience should be used to leap into the future with more gathered wisdom. Research/ understand the options of investment well before getting into them.

Use the guidance of an expert on this route to financial freedom.

3.Change / Transformation – she transformed from her a meek quiet under confident submissive girl to one with a spark in her eyes, a skip in her step and confidence oozing off her. This she gathered only through going through different experiences and finding herself. The same could be associated with your investments.

Evaluating options and then finding those that make you comfortable. Whatever they may say, savings, investments and going to bed knowing that your money is working hard for you, gives you confidence like no other!

4. Self Discovery – Her journey only helped her realize what her dreams were for herself. Something as simple as cooking which gave her a sense of joy when she realized she could sell what she made!

Often, we don’t pursue our smallest dreams cause we don’t put down and road map our goals or don’t have the money to fund them! Put it down and start working towards it! You never know how these small steps help you realize your biggest dreams! Start building a small investment fund to just help you pursue your goals, whatever they might be.

In a lot of these steps, you might need fisdom, and we are here for you.

On that note, I’m signing off, hoping some of this makes a small difference in your lives!

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