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Bhoomi Online Portal – Karnataka State Land Records Online

Written by - Akshatha Sajumon

January 15, 2022 6 minutes

Joining the digitization revolution in India, the Karnataka state government, in the year 2000, came up with the Bhoomi online portal, which is essentially a Land Records Management System (LRMS) for the state. With the launch of this portal, the government aims to prevent records manipulation and land-related frauds across the state.

What is the Bhoomi online portal?

The Bhoomi online portal provides a number of services like: 

  1. Access to revenue maps,
  2. Tenancy and Crops (RTC), 
  3. Record of Rights, 
  4. Disputed cases details,
  5. Mutation Register (MR), 
  6. MR status

All the land records that pertain to the state of Karnataka can be accessed online using the Bhoomi online portal. This allows users to have quick and easy access to essential land information.

Under the Bhoomi online scheme, the state government also set up physical offices across 6,000 Gram Panchayats spread over 175 Taluks that come under the state boundary. Any farmer or citizen from the state can visit the Bhoomi offices and make an application for RTC by furnishing the required documents. Citizens can also access the MR status and the land dispute applications here. 

What are the services available on the Bhoomi Portal?

Here is the list of services available on the Bhoomi portal: 

  • Access to view MR, MR status and RTC.
  • Go through the revenue maps.
  • Access survey documents, like atlas, pakka book, Tippan, etc.
  • Access and download certified copies of i-RTC.
  • Go through the register of dispute cases.
  • Land conversion application
  • XML verification of RTC.
  • Access and download Final Conversion Order.
  • View conversion status request.

Understanding the concept of RTC – Records of Rights, Tenancy & Crops

RTC – Records of rights, tenancy, and crops is also called Pahani in Karnataka. It is a land record that is issued to all existing landowners in the state. RTC is issued for hectares or acres of land. To authenticate the document, it is signed by the Tahsildar or deputy Tahsildar of the region. Here are some of the details included in this document:

  • Landowner and cultivator details – including names
  • Land type
  • Total land area
  • Types and varieties of crops grown on the land
  • Soil type as identified
  • Residential flood areas – whether commercial, agricultural or non-agricultural
  • Nature of land possession
  • Water details, such as quantity of water that will be utilised to maintain the land
  • Tenancy
  • Any outstandings or liabilities on the land, including loans, etc.

What is property mutation?

Property mutation is the process of changing the ownership or title of the property from one individual or entity to another. It is generally done in the following cases:

  • If a land or property is being sold
  • If a land or property is divided among family members
  • If a land or property is in the process of being acquired by the government
  • In case of death of the current property or landowner
  • In case the land or property is converted from agricultural to other purposes.

How can Bhoomi online benefit farmers and landowners?

Some of the benefits of using the Bhoomi online portal are:

  • The portal offers convenience to farmers in the states who wish to access land-related records and documents from different time periods.
  • Through this portal, farmers can access copies of various land records. These can further be used at the time of loan applications or for other legal purposes.
  • Farmers can quickly get a certified copy of the RTC through the portal, which can then be used for insuring crops and for claiming insurance.
  • Through the portal, one can view the status of mutual request applications.
  • It also allows one to check the status of land disputes in the state.
  • Using the portal, an individual can make mutation requests for land inheritance or sale.

What are the fees to be paid at Bhoomi kiosk centers?

Farmers and landowners who do not have internet access can visit the Bhoomi kiosk centers for queries and concerns. These centres were launched by the state government across Karnataka. Here are the details of fees that one has to pay for availing some of the services at these centres:

Mutation ExtractRs.15
Tippan documentRs.15
Mutation StatusRs.15
Documents related to Rights, Tenancy and Crops (RTC)Rs.10


Bhoomi online is one of the various ways in which the state government of Karnataka is regularising and legalising land ownership across the state. Apart from allowing easy access to various documentation and details, the portal can also assist owners and farmers know their rightful ownership and easily access dispute information on the portal.


How can I view RTC on Bhoomi Portal?

To view the RTC of land on the Bhoomi portal, one can either enter the land’s survey number or provide the land owner details or by simply providing the land’s registration number.

How do I register my land on Bhoomi portal?

To register your land on the Bhoomi portal, you must submit all land documents for approval at the sub-registrar office. Upon validation, payment of land registration fees and a verbal consent between buyer and seller, a unique registration number will be allotted. This information is updated in the record of rights, after which it can be updated on Bhoomi portal.

What is a revenue map?

A revenue map shows the area of land under a person’s ownership as a map. Revenue maps can be downloaded in PDF format using the Bhoomi portal. This includes details like area and division of the land represented on a map format.

How to view dispute case reports on Bhoomi portal?

To view disputed land case reports on Bhoomi portal, one must go to the ‘For citizen services’ and the ‘dispute cases’ section under it. After entering details like district, taluk, etc, one can submit the option of ‘get report’ to view the same.

What is the need for RTC?

RTC is Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops. This has information on the land like the landowner, type of land, liability on land, etc. This is especially critical to landowners who want to ensure legality of the land ownership at all times.

What is pahani?

Pahani is a revenue record comprising information on a land such as details of land owner, cultivator, khata number, survey number, land revenue details, etc.

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