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CEOSpeak: Diagnosing financial goals and success

Written by - Chitra Grace Marion

September 30, 2017 2 minutes

(Sidhartha Roy is a professional with three decades of experience in the health care sector. Currently The Managing Director of a leading Health care MNC. An individual who has spent developing business and people and helped the country in the economic agenda.)

 Your clarity of thought and goal-oriented approach has helped you make it big. How important is ‘goal-setting’ for you and how do you do it?

Goal setting is very important in all aspects of life. It impacts in all small or big decisions you take. It helps you measure your success.

What, according to you, is the best way to go about setting financial goals?

Decide what you need. Then figure out your resources. Finally take help of an expert. However you should select the expert carefully in the maze.

Which investment mistake do you still regret? Please share your experience.

Real estate and gold. These seemed tangible assets. You can see it. However it is not liquid. In case you need your money it does not help or you access it at a potential loss.

How, in your opinion, can one get closer to achieving his/her financial goals?

Start early and be disciplined. Take help of an expert who really helps.

What’s your golden piece of advice to today’s youth?

While my advice is to start early and be disciplined but I learnt it late in life. My advice to the youth today is do not repeat my mistake. Take control of your future now.

Wish you all GOOD LUCK.

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