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Google Pay partners with Fisdom to offer mutual funds to consumers

Written by - Tejesh Kumar

September 11, 2020 2 minutes

Gpay partner with fisdom

As per AMFI, the Indian mutual fund Industry’s AUM has grown from ₹ 13.17 trillion as of July 31, 2015, to ₹27.12 trillion as of July 31, 2020, i.e., more than a two-fold increase in 5 years. On par with the mutual fund industry, the Indian fintech ecosystem is also growing rapidly to provide cutting-edge platforms for customers to undertake reliable, and worthwhile financial decisions and investments.

With the pandemic creating overwhelming situations, about 42% of Indians have increased the use of digital payments, thus helping maintain social distance and helping curb the virus’s spread. Indeed it’s time for a Digital India. What makes this entire process even more conducive is the powerful synergies between digital platforms to bring out more digital solutions.

Thus, we are thrilled to announce Fisdom’s partnership with the digital payments giant and one of the top apps used by Indians – Google Pay!

Fisdom is integrated on GPay to offer Mutual Funds to customers. Now customers can invest and manage their portfolio on the GPay platform, not just making the investment process simpler and quicker, but also, most importantly, flexible. This feature is available on Android, and GPay would be launching it for iOS in the coming months.

We believe this partnership is yet another milestone towards our mission to help customers handle their personal finances with ease and also systematically grow their wealth.

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