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How mutual fund investment can help you achieve your financial independence?

  • Tejesh Kumar
  • 24 Jun
  • 4 minutes

Financial Independence

Any investment requires a certain amount of money, obviously. But what if you had just a ₹100 in your account and that’s all you can afford to invest per month at least for the time being. Do you still have a chance to be an investor and become financially more stable? Of course, it is possible with mutual funds and we’ll tell you how to make it possible.

How to invest in a SIP to ensure your financial stability?

SIP or Systematic Investment Plans are simply mutual funds that are invested on a monthly basis instead of a whole lump sum. While there are a plethora of schemes out there you have to make sure that you keep certain things in mind, so that you are able to achieve financial stability.

1. Set a Target:

Decide how much earnings due you have to make in the long run to be financially independent. The time it will take to build that wealth is based on your goal. You can use our Save For A Goal tool on Fisdom App for estimating your target amount and the time it would take you to achieve it.

2. Choose Scheme Wisely:  

There are multiple factors which should decide whether a scheme is appropriate for you or not. Your risk appetite is the most important because if you wish to become financially independent, you cannot afford to lose money and at the same time not indulge in the low-risk appetite where your investment is unable to fight inflation in the long run. 

3. Compounding:

Unlike other saving schemes the amount that you invest grows every month as you start earning more and you invest both your principal amount and earned amount in the next month, in the case of a SIP. Mutual funds have hence the major advantage of compounding interest hence the amount of money invested keeps growing not just through the monthly investment but also the earned amount.

4. Don’t Be Hasty:

It is quite exciting to watch your investment grow over time, which gives you further reason not to withdraw your investment and earnings in short periods of time. In that way, with continued investment and the power of compounding to aid it, you will keep earning more.

5. Check Your Fund Performance and Keep Adding to Your Mutual Fund Portfolio:

While you have existing funds and building wealth, you can start investing in larger amounts when it seems comfortable for you while you keep an eye on your older scheme at the same time. This way you can build wealth parallelly through two different plans.

6. Mutual funds are basically a multiplayer strategy game:

So your initial investment is the resources that you start with and you keep building wealth and getting ahead in the game by continued and strategic moves. While in a multiplayer game, it is your job to create and execute the strategy, in the case of mutual funds, it is the fund managers who strategize based on your risk appetite. You of course are overlooking the fund performance but leaving the major chunk of the game to the fund managers and making returns on the gameplay.

The truth is that mutual fund investments can help you become financially independent for real but you have to be patient and keep increasing your resources. Life may be tough but mutual fund investment is surely not one of those things. The best part is that with ₹100 as your minimum investment amount, it’s similar to the beans from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, only in this case you can keep earning without fighting a giant.

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