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NPS Login : National Pension System Account Different Login Ways

  • Akshatha Sajumon
  • 05 Feb
  • 5 minutes

The National Pension System (NPS) is a government scheme that has been introduced for the benefit of Central and State Government employees. While it is mandatory for government employees, it is an optional scheme for employees of other sectors.

About National Pension System

It is a voluntary defined contribution pension system. It is an EEE instrument where the entire corpus escapes tax.NPS accounts are transferable between employers and it is not bound by geographical restrictions.

It is economical and flexible. NPS accounts are of two types- Individual NPS account (All Citizen Model) and Corporate NPS account. In the former, only the subscriber or account holder is the contributor. In the latter, the corporate chooses to offer NPS schemes to their employees as a retirement benefit.

The NPS account is also done in two tiers.

  • Tier I account is where contributions are eligible for additional tax deduction benefit of up to Rs. 50,000 under section 80CCD (1B) and over and above Rs.1,50,000 under Section 80C.
  • Tier II account is where subscribers are allowed to invest additional amounts and no tax benefit can be availed on this.

Use NPS Return Calculator for better understanding

Advantages of NPS Account

  • Reliable source of income post retirement.
  • Offers significant tax benefits.
  • It is accessible and easy to enrol in.

Different Ways of NPS Login – NSDL Portal, NPS Karvy Login & Bank Website

There are three ways by which one can login into one’s NPS account – through the NSDL portal, Karvy website or their bank website.

Through NSDL NPS Login Portal Through NPS Karvy Login Through your bank website
Through the NSDL NPS Login Portal

Create an IPIN with your Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN).

Enter relevant details.

Click the “Login with PRAN/IPIN” option. 

For an existing user- Go to the Karvy NPS website.

Click “Login for Existing Subscriber”.

Enter the PRAN and password.

For a new user – Click “Generate or Reset Password”.

Enter the PRAN and date of birth.

Click the “generate new NPS account password” button and confirm using an OTP.

Log into the Karvy NPS account.

Banks will redirect you to an NDSL NPS login page or the Karvy NPS login page.

Please note: this login can happen only if the NPS account is registered in the first place. This registration can happen either through the online or the offline mode. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can one check his or her NPS account balance online?
    The accumulated account balance of the account holder can be checked online on NSDL portal or Karvy website. To avail the facility, login using your id and password along with PRAN.
  1. What is PRAN and PRAN Kit?
    The NPS subscriber receives a PRAN card with his or her name, father’s name, photograph, signature and subscriber’s date of birth once the registration is complete. This card is proof of the fact that all information provided is complete on the CRA system. The PRAN kit has a PRAN card, subscriber’s details and an information booklet in it.
  1. What is IPIN?
    IPIN is a password used to access your NPS account. 
  1. How can I reset my IPIN online?
    One must go to the NPS account login and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option to select the ‘Instant reset IPIN’. All the details required must be entered in and thereafter, the account holder will receive an OTP on his or her registered phone number or email address. The OTP must be entered in and submitted on the portal to reset your password. 
  1. Can I avail NPS related services online?
    Yes, some NPS related services can be availed online. They are – change of personal details (address, mobile number, email address), generating or resetting IPIN, change scheme preferences, viewing account statements online, ePRAN card view and reprint, Aadhaar seeding and changing account details.
  1. How to request for a duplicate PRAN card?
    In case one has lost or damaged his or her PRAN card, the S2 form has to be filled by the nearby PoP-SP. Post verification, the POP or POPSP will enter the concern and authorize the said request in the CRA system. A processed, duplicate PRAN card will be sent to the subscriber.
  1. How can I change NPS account details?
    Any changes in the account details will be done by the POP-SP. These can include changes about the name, date of birth, update of photograph and signature etc. This must be initiated by submitting a written request to the POP-SP. Additionally, certain forms must be submitted (each concerns a different purpose) – 
    Form UPS2- To change personal or nomination details or request for reissue of T-PIN/I-PIN or Reprint of PRAN card.
    Form S3- To request for change in Scheme Preference or Switch or change of employment.
    Form S7 – To request for change in Photograph and/or Signature.

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