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Top SIX Best Online Stock Market Courses in India-2023

Written by - Rudri Rawell

August 29, 2023 9 minutes

Why are online stock market courses the talk of the town?

The Indian stock markets have attracted millions of people across all eligible age groups over the years. There is a continued rising trend seen in the number of Demat account holders in India. From only 8.4 crore accounts in 2022, there were 11 crore accounts in January 2023. The millennial generation looks at stock market investment as an alternative source of generating additional income. However, the stock market is as much about risk of losses as it is about fetching profits. 

A common question that most people who are new to the stock markets have is how do some traders and investors earn profits consistently in the stock market despite the risk involved. The answer is, by having a sound knowledge base and constantly learning about the stock markets through an online stock market course.

How to learn about the stock markets?

In India, there are numerous stock market training courses that are offered by some of the top government-backed agencies and institutes. People who are new to the stock markets and want to gain knowledge on trading and investing can take up a good share trading course. 

Top stock market training courses in India

Here is a list of top institutes and the stock market training courses that they offer in India:

1. Fisdom Academy

Foundation program in Stock Trading

New investors looking for the right platform to enhance their technical analysis skills can opt for the Foundation Program by Fisdom Academy. Highly-qualified industry professionals offer this course through live classes spread across a 4-week period. Here are the top features of this program:

  • Spread over 4 weeks, the course includes 6 hours of master classes taken by experts and doubt-solving with mentors
  • The course also allows learners to get 6 months of community access to learn from peers and experts
  • Easy identification of market trends and various entry-exit levels
  • Understanding different trading tactics by using technical tools and indicators
  • Knowledge of intraday and swing trading
  • Risk management techniques
  • In-depth understanding of candlestick patterns
  • Charting technical indicators

At the end of the program, learners get a training certificate from BSE.

Reviews from participants of earlier batches of Fisdom Academy

Foundation program in Future and Options

Investors interested in exploring the F&O space can opt for this program which offers some unique features, including:

  • Detailed understanding of futures and options
  • Options Buying v/s Options selling
  • Basic option strategies
  • Simplified explanation of complex products
  • Trading systems using futures and options data
  • Market trend interpretation using F&O data
  • How to take positions using F&O
  • Option greeks simplified
  • Payoff calculations & diagrams

Check out this review by a course participant here

Foundation Program in Stock Market Investing (Fundamental Analysis)

Fisdom Academy also offers online courses on Fundamental Analysis of Stocks. Here are some of the broad topics covered in this course.

  • Detailed understanding of fundamental analysis
  • How to do Economy-Industry-Company analysis
  • Which part of the Annual report should you focus on
  • How to do ratio analysis?
  • What are the specific factors to look out for in different industries?
  • What are the red flags to look out for while investing

Check out a review of the fundamental analysis course on our LinkedIn page here

2. NSE academy

This academy was established to offer basic financial knowledge and education to beginner investors who are starting off their stock market journey. The academy offers a range of courses focused on sharing financial knowledge with learners along with certification for those who wish to enhance their career profiles.

Certification programs offered by NSE academy are:

  • NSE Academy’s Certified Market Professional (NCMP)
  • NSE academy certification in financial markets – NCFM
  • NCFM foundation, intermediate, and advanced courses
  • NSE FinBasic
  • Certified market professional – NCMP
  • Proficiency certificate

Out of the above-mentioned, one of the most sought-after courses is the NCFM course. The course structure provides practical knowledge and online testing for skills required to operate in the financial markets. 
NSE academy courses, apart from enhancing stock market knowledge, can also benefit individuals who wish to build a good resume for a financial career.

3. BSE academy

BSE academy also offers multiple courses for stock market investors who wish to polish their market knowledge. Some of the certificate courses offered by the academy are:

  • Risk management
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Stock market
  • Bond market
  • Investment banking
  • Equity research

The exams and certification of these courses are handled by the BSE Academy Certification on Financial Management or BCFM. The key features of the courses offered by BSE academy are:

  • Offers professional-level knowledge
  • Detailed course material is offered with each course
  • Exams and certification
  • Covers a wide range of stock market subjects 

4. Nifty Trading Academy

Stock market investors who wish to gain learning and experience about live market sessions can make the most of the courses offered at Nifty trading academy. The courses are designed to be focused on technical analysis for in-depth knowledge. Some of the course offerings include:

  • Diploma in Technical Analysis course
  • Stock market beginners’ course 
  • Intraday trading course
  • Advanced technical analysis
  • Software-based Pure profit course for traders

Some of the features offered through the courses are:

  • Unique course structures 
  • Easy teaching patterns
  • Designed to enhance a learner’s career 
  • Helps in building a strong knowledge base on the markets
  • Enables learners to begin trading independently

5. NIFM – National Institute of Financial Markets

This institute was set up by the Ministry of Finance in 1993. It offers a wide range of share market courses online along with exams for certification.

Some of the courses offered are:

  • Post-graduate diploma in financial management
  • Post-graduate diploma in research analysis
  • Fellow programme in Management – FPM
  • NIFM Certified Fundamental Analysis
  • NIFM certified technical analyst
  • NIFM certified smart investor
  • NIFM certified preparation module

NIFM courses are focused on conceptual understanding rather than practical stock market knowledge. While these courses can take up a substantial amount of a learner’s time, they are worth the knowledge base that one can gain from them.

6. National Institute of Securities Market Certifications – NISM

Founded by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), this institute imparts the best practices, knowledge, and learning about the financial markets. The institute has many centres across the country to cover maximum test takers. 

Some of the courses offered by NISM include:

  • Currency derivatives certification exam
  • Registrar and transfer agents certificate exam for corporate and mutual funds
  • Securities intermediaries compliance exam
  • Issuers’ compliance certificate exam
  • Interest rate derivatives certificate exam

Key considerations for choosing a stock trading course

When selecting a stock trading course, several key factors are crucial to consider:

  1. Course Content: Ensure it covers technical and fundamental analysis, trading strategies, risk management, and market psychology.
  2. Instructors’ Expertise: Opt for experienced traders or financial professionals as instructors.
  3. Reviews & Reputation: Positive feedback and a strong track record are indicative of a reputable course.
  4. Learning Format: Choose between in-person classes, online videos, webinars, or a blend to match your learning style.
  5. Support & Resources: Access to trading tools, simulations, and ongoing support is essential.
  6. Cost vs. Value: Compare fees to content offered, avoiding overly expensive options.
  7. Realistic Expectations: Steer clear of courses promising quick riches; prioritize disciplined, long-term approaches.
  8. Practical Exercises: Hands-on activities, case studies, and mock trading enhance practical skills.
  9. Certification: While not mandatory, recognized certifications add credibility.
  10. Community & Networking: Active communities facilitate discussions and idea sharing.


Venturing into the exciting world of the stock market can be both thrilling and overwhelming. To thrive in this realm, investors need the right knowledge. That’s why we’ve highlighted six top Indian stock market courses that offer a range of learning experiences. By enrolling in these courses, investors can gain valuable insights, understand how the market works, and make informed decisions. The best part is that these courses are backed by reputable stock market institutions, ensuring the quality of education and validity of certifications. So, by equipping themselves with the right education, investors can confidently navigate the stock market and increase their chances of success.


Is a stock market course necessary?

A stock market course is important for those who are new to the markets. Some of the courses can provide a basic understanding of the market functionalities, terminologies, and associated risks so that a new entrant can be prepared appropriately to trade or invest.

Can I learn stock market courses online?

You can take up a stock market course online as many of the well-known institutes offer online courses to provide convenience to learners.

Which is the best online stock trading course in India?

To get started in the Indian stock market, one can take up a course offered by Nifty Trading academy or Fisdom Academy. These offer some of the best quality and wide variety of share market courses that are also recognised across the country.

What do I need to buy stocks in India?

To buy stock in India, you must have a trading and Demat account with a registered broker in India. It is also mandatory to have a PAN card and a bank account.

How do beginners buy stocks in India?

Beginners can buy stocks in India after gaining some basic knowledge of the stock markets through a stock market course. A stock market course can provide insight on the basic requirements of getting started with stock market investments.

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