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How to Turn Your Salary Day into Investment Day?

Written by - Tejesh Kumar

May 1, 2020 3 minutes

Your salary day an investment day

‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.’

– Gertrude Stein

Having said that we are not recommending you to take a special subscription on either some matrimonial site or Tinder Gold membership to find happiness. Although if you invest in those as well, we aren’t judging you. Happiness is the sum total of all the deductions of worries in your life. This is something that is completely in your control, only if you plan it and take measures accordingly… at least for your finances. Investing forms the most crucial part of this idea, let’s find out why and how.

Why is An ‘Investment Day’ Necessary?

In today’s world, surviving and having 3 meals a day with enough clothes for the week is no longer a concept that suggests a thriving lifestyle. We live in a society that has become more communal and insecure by every passing day in terms of identity which is why it has become essential to prove someone’s social standing as well. So how do we deal with this? 

Do we give up and go live in the Himalayas? Not a sustainable idea isn’t it. We have to live in this ‘brave new world’ and thrive in it, somehow. For that, we need to make more money beyond our regular professional income. Actors such as Ashton Kutcher have or even our beloved Sharukh Khan at home have invested beyond their own regular income because they realize that the most crucial part of happiness is being financially independent. Kutcher is a board member of major e-commerce businesses such as Airbnb and Uber while Sharukh has his own visual effects company, ‘Red Chillies VFX’ which have clients from Hollywood and the rest of the World. 

We as ordinary men and women don’t have such huge opportunities or funding capital for businesses. Some of us are unsure about business ideas that will work! So what can the common man do? He can make personal investments. Not only are they becoming more pocket-friendly today but they also promise a discipline in your financial portfolio.

How to Turn Your Salary Day into Investment Day?

‘Khao, piyo, mauj karo… magar invest bhi karo’, is what Mr. Desai, 35, father of two tweens from Bengaluru tells us is the secret of him being financially dependent despite multiple recessions and global financial crisis. He did not rely on his drinking water supply business alone but started making investments in mutual funds by starting an SIP. 

Anandi Devi, 62, from Indore, widow mother of 3 says, “Though my husband has left us well-off it is the Gold, that we invested in, bit-by-bit that helped me to get my daughters educated in premium institutions”. There are so many such stories, but it may not be an easy discipline for most people. That’s why every salary day, make an investment no matter how small to ensure that you are at least financially happy in life, no matter what.

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