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Your guide to Client Master Report(CMR) and its importance

Written by - Marisha Bhatt

September 30, 2023 5 minutes

Are you a new investor in stock market? One of the first things that you would need to do is open a demat account. Have you heard of the term Client Master Report(CMR) from your broker in this process and don’t know what it is? Do not fret, just check out this blog to know the meaning of CMR or the Client Master Report and why it is important for you. 

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What is the meaning of a Client Master Report (CMR)?

A CMR copy, or Client Master Report, is a digitally signed PDF certificate issued by a broker to a client. It contains comprehensive information about the client’s Demat account, including personal details (name, address, email, phone, date of birth), Demat ID, account status, and important KYC data like Aadhaar and PAN details, as well as nomination and bank information. 

Essentially, it serves as a comprehensive record of the Demat account owner’s information and transaction history. This document is particularly valuable for off-market transactions and is also used when transferring securities from one broker to another or when linking a trading account from one broker to a Demat account with another broker.

The Client Master Report contains critical information related to the Demat account and the account holder. The list for the same is tabled below.

Subheading Description
Depository participantAn eight-digit unique ID assigned to the broker by NSDL or CDSL 
Client IDAn eight-digit unique ID assigned to the client by the broker during Demat account opening, representing their portfolio
Account StatusIndicates whether the Demat account is active or inactive per SEBI guidelines, with inactivity potentially occurring if no transactions are made in a year.
Account Opening DateThe date when the Demat account was opened
Account Closure DateDate of account closure which is provided if the account is closed
BO StatusSpecifies the account type (e.g., corporation, trust, HUF, individual)
BO Sub StatusShows sub-status within the account type (e.g., Resident or NRI)
Types of AccountDifferentiates between Regular Demat Account, Repatriable Demat Account (for NRIs sending money abroad), and Non-Repatriable Demat Account (for NRIs moving funds within India)
NationalityIndicates whether the account holder is an Indian resident or an NRI, subject to RBI and FEMA regulations for NRIs.
Personal InformationIncludes the Demat account holder’s name, PAN Card details, date of birth, and similar information for additional account holders, occupation, postal address, permanent address, contact details, and email ID
BSDA LogoDenotes if the account is classified as a Basic Service Demat Account (BSDA), designed for specific benefits
Statement CycleSpecifies the frequency at which transaction statements are received (e.g., monthly)
Bank DetailsContains information related to the linked bank account, such as account type, financial institution details, account number, ECS flag, MICR code, and IFSC code
Nominee DetailsProvides nominee information, including name and address, furthermore, if the nominee is a minor, guardian details are also included
Broker’s Contact DetailsOffers the broker’s contact information for addressing any issues related to the Demat account

Is CMR available for free?

A. Typically, there are no charges for downloading your client master report online. However, fees may apply if you opt for a physical copy to be delivered by post.

Why is the Client Marter Report important?

The Client Master Report (CMR) is indispensable due to its multifaceted importance. It acts as a certificate for your Demat Account and serves as legal proof of your securities, providing confidence and security in your investments. 

Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in transferring shares between Demat accounts with different brokers, ensuring a smooth and verified process. As it is a digitally generated document, it minimizes the risk of manual errors, guaranteeing accuracy.

 The CMR is a crucial requirement for off-market transactions and fulfils the Know Your Customer (KYC) mandate, especially when dealing with unlisted brokers. It facilitates the convenient linkage of your existing Demat account with a new trading account under a different broker, streamlining your investment activities.

Where can you get CMR?

Obtaining your CMR copy is a straightforward process that involves just a few simple steps. As an investor, you can easily request a PDF copy of your Customer Master Report (CMR) from your broker, who manages your Demat account.

To access and download the CMR, you can use the broker’s mobile app or log in to your trading account via a web browser. The online DP (Depository Participant) interface will enable you to retrieve the CMR by verifying your identity with any of the following documents

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of PAN
  • Proof of photograph
  • Proof of signature

After confirming your identity by providing your username and password, the requested client master report will be promptly sent to your registered email address. This hassle-free process ensures that you can easily access and review your CMR for your investment records and verification needs.

What is the difference between Client Master list and Client Master Report?

CML (Customer Master ]uList) and CMR (Client Master Report) are often used interchangeably and generally refer to the same document that provides comprehensive details about a Demat account holder and their transactions.


The Client Master Report is one of the basic documents that you get as part of the Demat account opening process or while transferring one. The details in the CMR have to be duly provided and have to be correct and up to date for accurate record keeping. 

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