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6 Movies Gold Investors Need To Watch At Home

Written by - Akshatha Sajumon

April 22, 2020 5 minutes

Gold investment lessons

This lockdown is the perfect opportunity to try something new or variant in terms of entertainment. While we have multiple streaming platforms to choose from, it is often difficult to find gold dust in the rivers of programmes and movies available at our disposable. While we love being spoiled by options, let’s try to go for gold in films. The movies here have been chosen based on their plot around the yellow precious metal or it forms at least a characteristic aspect of the movie.

6 Movies to Binge-watch This Lockdown That Are About Gold

Let’s take a look at some of the finest movies related to Gold. Some movies have found their place in this list despite having not being completely related to Gold but because they are also pure golden cinema. This is a spoiler-free list so that you can actually enjoy these movies.

the ballad of busters scruggs

Available on Netflix

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – “All Gold Canyon”

Why is it Golden to Watch:

This is one of the most recent movies to be listed, and it finds its way here because of one particular story in this anthology. Although we recommend that people watch the whole movie, the story about Gold gives us a very dramatic, satirical and times even sympathetic situational drama in the western backdrop of how finding Gold dust and particles had become the way of life for some. It’s dark but probably the closest to what finding gold dust meant literally at the time.

Mackennas Gold

Available on Google Play & YouTube

Mackenna’s Gold

Why is it Golden to Watch:

At the time of the release of this movie Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif were at the peak of their careers and hence created a movie worth watching for years to come. This timeless tale is also set in the Western backdrop and could not have been more entertaining. Some of the characters might seem too eccentric for today’s World but the character ‘the Gold’ played in this movie was quite accurate. The mystical aspect of the movie is also worth watching.

The Italian Job

Available on Amazon Prime Video

The Italian Job(1969)

Why is it Golden to Watch:

The first Italian Job movie had the charming Michael Caine and a concept that was unheard of before, having mini coopers being used for gold bullion heist. While the enigmatic Michael Caine was fun to watch, the stunts carried out in the movie for the time were mind-blowing.

The Italian Job 2003

Available on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube

The Italian Job (2003)

Why is it Golden to Watch:

This was also a heist movie with mini coopers, obviously missing Michael Caine but with some of the best names in Hollywood including the leads and veteran actors such as Donald Sutherland and Edward Norton. Equipped with better technology, fancy locations and cool and calculating characters the movie is extremely suave and cool to watch. However, where it fails miserably is in the fact that the stakes in the whole movie for the actors do not seem very severe except being thrown into the river inside a mini-van and surviving it with oxygen masks. It was a little confusing to watch them survive been thrown into the icy-cold river, but we are used to Rohit Shetty movies.

Charlie Chaplin

Available on YouTube and GooglePlay

Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush

Why is it Golden to Watch:

Nothing that can be said about this movie is enough to commemorate the powerhouse performance and story of one of the best Charlie Chaplin movies of all time. While you can watch this movie with your kids, it’s adults who will notice the grim backdrop of the American era of the gold rush, echoing the capitalism that prevails in the country and how this movie is still relevant symbolically even in this day and age.

Raiders of the lost arc

Available on Netflix, Google Play & YouTube

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Why is it Golden to Watch:

It would be unjust to not include this movie in a gold list despite a very small subplot about a gold statue in this movie because of the magnificence of striking gold when comes to an adventure movie. Harrison Ford as Jones and movie made by Speilberg and Lucas could not have been more fun to watch although some visual effects may not seem as cool as they used to seem.

What is common in all these movies is the fact that Gold is precious and people will do anything to get it.

Thankfully that is not the case at current times. You can simply buy Gold online without having to strain a river stream or plan a heist. No hiring muscles or fancy cars to get 24K Digital Gold. What’s more? You don’t have to even worry about the security of your Gold as MMTC-PAMP’s gold custodian service takes care of your Gold with their free lockers.

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