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Why is Gold everyone’s favourite precious metal?

Written by - Tejesh Kumar

April 22, 2020 3 minutes

Gold a precious metal

Does Gold possess some mystical powers where it even leaves expensive metals such as Titanium and Platinum less wanted? Is it a creation of divine to help us move from civilization to technological advancements and even beat the ruthlessness of the economy. It may not be dramatic as people think, but Gold indeed stands out when it comes to people’s demands from precious metals.

5 Reasons Why Gold Is The Most Popular Precious Metal 

1. One of the rarest precious metals:

While the number of gold mines or ores might contradict with this point as against others but it’s true that finding gold among all the natural resources is the most difficult as it is not only very difficult to mine because of its composition but rarely is it found in huge clusters.

2. It does not erode:

Gold is one of the least erosive metals in the periodic table. It might have a thin layer of dust but because of its non-reactive nature, it lasts longer than any animal’s lifetime.

3. Unique esthetically:

It has one of the most unique colours among precious metals and shinier than any. While some may mix other precious metals such as copper to create rose gold or silver to make white gold, the colour of gold simply stands out.

4. Gold prices always rise with inflation:

An undying demand for gold exists especially in the Indian market where it is considered auspicious and we have festivals solely dedicated to buying gold such as Dhanteras. In fact, over the last 30 years, gold prices have shot up by 423%.

5. Gold is one of the most reliable instruments for investment.

While it looks great at Indian weddings, delightfully brightening up the smile on a bride’s face and her in-laws, it is a very stable investment in the market. During the recession in 2008-2009, while the Sensex had crashed almost 38%, Gold was able to generate a return of 24.58%.

There is an added benefit or proof of gold’s powers but it stands true when you invest in it online, with us. 24K Digital gold is available for investment without any added costs, hassles of security, thanks to MMTC-PAMP’s gold custodian services and is easy to sell and even track online. If you want to use this gold for your personal requirements such as a family wedding or an everlasting gift for someone special, instead of getting their name tattooed on your body permanently, you can withdraw the gold in the form of gold coins. 

Please note that the delivery of these gold coins will be possible after the lockdown has been lifted completely, but we are guessing no one is getting married or finding special people in their lives to want to withdraw their gold investment at this time. Our experts recommend you to ‘buy’ and ‘hold’ your gold investments because, in these unsettling times, the only truth we are settled with is gold is here to stay.

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