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PVC Aadhaar Card: What Is It? Features, How to Apply, Check Status

Written by - Marisha Bhatt

July 3, 2023 5 minutes

When the Aadhaar card was introduced in India, it faced many backlashes, and the need for the same was questioned a lot. Cut to 2023, and a majority of Indians have their Aadhar card, and it has become one of the most crucial documents held by them. It is linked to PAN card, bank accounts, Demat accounts, and so on, making it essential that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Seeing the importance of the Aadhaar Card, the government has now introduced the PVC Aadhaar Card, which is a more secure and durable version of the same. Check out all the details of this new and improved version of our humble Aadhaar Card and details of how you can get it. 

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What is PVC Aadhaar Card?

UIDAI has introduced many forms of Aadhaar Cards over the years. This includes the e-Aadhaar, Aadhaar Letter, and m-Aadhaar. PVC Aadhaar is the latest version of the Aadhaar Card that a resident Indian can have by submitting an application for the same on the official website of UIDAI and paying the minimal amount of Rs. 50. PVC Aadhaar is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) card that is a long-lasting and lightweight version of an Aadhaar Card with few additional features and can also be available in the size of a debit card. 

What are the features of the PVC Aadhaar Card?

Some of the key features available in the PVC Aadhaar Card are highlighted here. 

  • The compact size of the PVC Aadhaar card makes it highly portable and easy to carry and has the issue and print dates.
  • The PVC material used in its construction ensures durability and longevity.
  • The recent update by UIDAI includes the addition of a hologram, a candidate’s ghost image, a Guilloche pattern, and an imprinted Aadhaar logo on the PVC card.
  • The card features a QR code that is cryptographically signed, providing the same validity and usability as the original Aadhaar card.

How can a person apply for PVC Aadhaar Card?

The steps for applying PVC Aadhaar Card are mentioned here,

  • Visit the official Aadhaar website and go to the ‘My Aadhaar’ tab, where you’ll find the option ‘Order Aadhaar PVC.’
  • Enter your Aadhaar, EID, or Virtual ID numbers, along with the security code and OTP received on your mobile, and submit the information.
    • If your mobile number is not registered, you can choose the option ‘My mobile is not registered’ to receive OTP on a different mobile number.
  • Verify the preview of your Aadhaar details on the next page, ensuring all information is correct. Once verified, click on the ‘Make Payments’ button.
    • If your mobile number is not linked to your Aadhaar, this preview option may not be available.
  • Choose a convenient payment option. The fee for applying for a PVC Aadhaar card is INR 50, which can be paid using a debit/credit card, net banking, or UPI.
  • After making the payment, your payment receipt will be generated in PDF format. Download it for your reference.
  • The PVC Aadhaar card will be sent to you by post within 5 working days after your request is received.

To get your PVC Aadhaar card log in to –

How to check the status of a PVC Aadhaar Card application?

The steps to check the status of the PVC Aadhaar Card Application are mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI and navigate to the ‘My Aadhaar’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Check Aadhaar PVC card status’ from the options available.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and the security code displayed on the page. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
    • If your mobile number is not registered, you can choose the option ‘My mobile is not registered’ to receive OTP on an alternate mobile number.
  • Select the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions, and then submit the information.
  • The page will display the ‘SRN number’ and the ‘status’ of your PVC Aadhaar card request.
  • You can also download the acknowledgment slip in PDF format for your reference. 

What are the benefits of a PVC Aadhaar Card?

The benefits of the PVC Aadhaar Card are highlighted here.

  • PVC Aadhaar cards are waterproof and offer long-lasting durability due to their excellent printing quality and lamination.
  • Their compact size allows for easy portability, fitting comfortably in wallets alongside debit /credit cards and PAN cards.
  • The latest PVC Aadhaar cards incorporate advanced security features such as holograms, ghost images, and micro text, enhancing their protection against counterfeiting.
  • The inclusion of a QR code on the PVC Aadhaar card enables instant verification of the cardholder’s details.
  • The Aadhaar logo is embossed on the PVC Aadhaar card, adding to its authenticity and recognition.


PVC Aadhaar Cards are the most durable and the latest form of Aadhaar card that is easy to carry and has enhanced security features to prevent any misuse of the same. The application process for PVC Aadhaar Card is also quite simple and at nominal cost making it accessible to everyone. 


1. What is the cost of getting a PVC Aadhaar Card?

The cost of applying for a PVC Aadhaar Card is Rs. 50 which can be paid through any of the available payment options like debit/credit card, net banking, or UPI.

2. Is PVC Aadhaar Card valid?

Yes. PVC Aadhar Card is the new version of the Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI and has the same validity as the original Aadhaar Card.

3. When can a person receive PVC Aadhaar Card after application?

After successful application, the PVC Aadhaar Copy will be sent by UIDAI to the Department of Post which will then send it to the application through speed post within 5 days.

4. What is the SRN Number?

Once a request for a PVC Aadhaar card is raised, a 14-digit Service Request Number (SRN) is generated which serves as an identification code for the request.

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