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Shaala Siddhi -Login, Registration, Data Entry, Format

Written by - Akshatha Sajumon

January 19, 2022 7 minutes

Quality education is a combination of appropriate and effective education systems. The Ministry of Education of India is committed to providing quality education to all students. To provide excellent education to all students, the Indian education system progressively recognizes the necessity for successful schools and improving school performance. 

As a result, quality initiatives in the school education sector must focus on the school, its performance, and its improvement. Under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) has launched the National Program on School Standards and Evaluation (NPSSE). 

It aims to improve the quality of school education in India through comprehensive school evaluation. It refers to a holistic and continual evaluation of an individual school’s performance, which leads to gradual school development. The main goals are to provide a technically competent conceptual framework, methodology, instrument, and process for school evaluation that is appropriate for the diversity of Indian schools.

What is NPSSE and Shaala Siddhi? 

NPSSE, a national program for school standards and evaluations, ensures that the national education system is effective and meets the needs of students. NPSSE offers a comprehensive and important school evaluation program for the benefit of all students. NPSSE, a national program for school standards and evaluations, is also known as Shaala Siddhi. This is a project designed to improve schools and education in India.  NPSSE is the founder of the National Institute for Educational Policy Management, or NIEPA. 

This department is also supported by the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development. The Shaala Siddhi program works in elementary and junior high schools. The only goal is to improve education by providing quality facilities. The program has established more than 1.62 million schools. This project involves all educators working on school development issues.  

NPSSE has introduced SSEF (School Standards and Evaluation Framework), which implements school evaluation and performance improvements. SSEF supports the external and self-assessment of interested groups and schools. NPSSE, a national program on school standards and evaluations, has set up several features such as eSamiksha (School Evaluation Dashboard eSamiksha). 

The dashboard is designed for the school to provide rating details. Eligible NPSSE participants (stakeholders and schools) must log in to the NPSSE website portal to provide all assessment data. Details are categorized at the block, cluster, district, state, and country levels. 

All you need to know about NPSSE User Manual

NPSSE has created a user manual to make it easy for all participating schools and stakeholders to access the online portal. The school must complete an assessment report (self-assessment) and upload it to the portal dashboard. Authorized participants must register and log in with their credentials to access the user manual page. First, the school must fill out a paper and upload it to the NPSSE website portal. 

How to upload self-assessment details to 

First, an authorized representative or school must register on the portal.

 1. Use the link to access the Shaala Siddhi website 

2. The website that you need to log in to as below:- 

3. Click the [Login] button on the home page. 

4. If you are a new user, click the New User option to continue. 

5. Enter the requested data.

  • Select a level
  • Enter the UDISE code
  • Applicant’s name 
  • Last name 
  • Active mobile number and email ID. 

6. The system will generate an OTP to the registered mobile phone number. 

7. Enter the OTP and click the Submit tab.

 8. Next, follow the instructions on the page to create a log-in password. 

9. Save the information here and continue the registration process. 

How do you login into Shaala Siddhi? 

  • Make sure UDISE is a user name (11 digit number). 
  • Next, enter your login password and click the Submit button. 

Shaala Siddhi new registration 2023 apply online

Here are the steps for completing Shaala Siddhi new registration 2023 online:

  • Access the official website of Shaala Siddhi NIEPA at
  • Click on the “Login” option from the home page.
  • Below the login box, click on “New Registration.”
  • The Shaala Siddhi New Registration page will appear.
  • Enter the required information such as school level, name, last name, UDISE code, mobile number, and email ID.
  • Click on “Get OTP” and submit the OTP received.
  • Fill in the details and set your password.

How to fill in the data in the dashboard? 

Complete the dashboard details, and then the dashboard needs some information, such as

  • Demographic profile 
  • Class participation. Schools should use the formula provided on the website to calculate the number of attendees per year.
  • Send details when attendance is reached. 
  • Then enter the learning outcomes or performance of the class as a percentage. This applies to all classes. 
  • Click Submit to continue. 
  • Enter the number of school teachers and send the data.
  • In the Teachers area, enter the teacher who requested the long and short vacations.
  • Submit and proceed to the next detail. 
  • Then select levels based on core standards and prioritize areas for improvement as shown on the page. Low,middle , high 
  • Enter seven major domains and mission statements (English only) in 20-50 words.
  • Go ahead and enter the area of ​​improvements, suggested actions, required support, and actions taken against your domain. 
  •  Review the details again and click the Submit button. 

Send and release data. 

  • Applicants must read and agree to the General Terms of Service. On the page, click the I Agree on the checkbox. 
  • Then click the final Submit tab. Make sure all inputs are correct before submitting the report. 
  •  This page asks you to confirm your final submission.
  •  Click OK when you are satisfied with the details. 
  • Click the OK button to display the Unzip tab on the page. 
  •  Click the icon if you need to make changes to the report. 
  •  The confirmation dialog box reappears on the screen. 
  •  Then click OK to confirm and accept the approval request. Users can see the decompression icon in the Manage User Requests section. 

How can you prepare a Shaalasiddhi report?

Go to the Reports tab and click the report type as shown below.

  • Network matrix for school evaluation. 
  • School evaluation report 
  • School evaluation dashboard 
  • Composite matrix status report. Review all the details and save the report as PDF, Word, or Excel for reference. 


Hence, this is all the information that you will need to fill the Shaala Siddhi form. Since it is a completely online process, it can be done even in online schooling. However, those who are not tech-savvy might face difficulty doing so with ease. They can do so by taking the help of the teachers. Every school has its user manual, and hence they will be easily able to guide you in this case.


What does NPSSE mean?

The acronym NPSSE means a national program on school standards and evaluations. It is also known as Shaala Siddhi.

What is the purpose or benefit of NPSSE?

This program aims to help improve the quality of India’s education system. This will help improve the education and facilities needed in the education sector.

At what level is NPSSE working on improvement?

NPSSE and everyone involved is working with elementary and junior high schools.

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